Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PART 1 “WE” collectively are being co-opted! By Bradley Loves

Our energy is being used to fabricate a DESIGNER REALITY, which was not meant to “manifest” on Earth at this time.
So many people think that “reality” is a “static” thing that always is…, and is therefore UNCHANGEABLE. This is quite incorrect however.
Instead, REALITY is something that can be moulded…, can be sculpted, and can be “created”…, just like an artist uses clay to fabricate and to make sculptures!
CREATING REALITY…, is like baking a “cake”. It is a conscious act of DOING SOMETHING. If a person was to start baking a cake…, this is an act of doing!
The question that needs to be answered…., the only question that matters really…, is: WHAT KIND OF CAKE ARE YOU BAKING? WHAT KIND OF CAKE IS IT?
Some people like chocolate…, some people like vanilla…, and there are literally millions of kinds of cake that one can bake.
Creating reality is just like baking a cake! The only real question that matters is this: WHAT KIND OF REALITY IS BEING CREATED!
This question is supremely important when one realizes that REALITY can be very “light”…, or it can be very “dark”.
It can be anywhere in between as well…, but the MAIN THING to remember is this: REALITY CAN BE CHANGED! IT CAN BE CHANGED! IT CAN BE CHANGED.
If you were baking a “cake”…, you would need ingredients! You would need flour, water, salt etc…, you would need a place to mix your ingredients…, but MORE IMPORTANTLY…, you would need to be a “cook” or know something about cooking in order to do the thing called: BAKE A CAKE!
In much the same way…, in order to FABRICATE REALITY…, you would need the proper ingredients to do that…, you would need a place to do that…, but most importantly…, you would need to KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!
The information…, the knowledge, the understanding of how to FABRICATE REALITY is known as ESOTERICS…, ALCHEMY…, and some even call it MAGIC!
I have written many times now (see all of my past articles) that the word “magic” is in fact a hidden and more shortened version of the word MAGNETICS!
Just by knowing this…, you would have to understand that the manipulation of MAGNETICS is part of how a person can and does literally fabricate reality? READ MORE

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