Friday, April 17, 2015

ALERT Interdimensional Intervention on Earth: A Synthetic System of Control

What is the Intervention Agenda here on Earth?
Increasingly, spiritual community sites are talking about an Interdimensional Intervention that’s been taking place here on Earth. Such discussions are met with anything from courageous support, quiet agreement or with resistance and outright incredulity. “Where are they?” is often asked “Where’s the evidence?”
Well firstly the Intervention can be observed by its effects – the creation of a synthetic reality of control. But if you actually want to ‘see’ these entities, it is with the inner eye that you must look. We must be fully tuned into our feelings and thoughts. It is only then that the patterning of behavioural experiences yields a top down, multi-dimensional view. From this perspective, what might the Intervention Agenda be?…
Ancient Agenda
Firstly it is important to say I totally understand people’s skepticism to this challenging subject. In fact I would encourage people to be skeptical, but at the same time, open to possibility. Especially when you consider the outright lunacy that masquerades as ‘leadership’ within our society these days, which is leading to the rapid, inexorable destruction of 3D Earth. So what I personally have to share, I don’t expect people to necessarily take at face value. Instead I offer my point of view to cause people to explore and delve deeper; to stay open in order that we may truly appreciate the fullness of what’s really going on…
I have encountered this Opposing Consciousness knowingly, countless times over many life times. I know what they’re about and what they’re up to. You can only truly make sense of what’s going on in society by understanding their influence on it. What’s more important still, we will never heal the situation here on Earth until we have fully engaged this Intervention Consciousness and dealt with it, which I hasten to add, is in our capability to achieve.
I wrote in some detail about the Opposing Consciousness background here in Intervention on Earth: An Interdimensional Opposing Consciousness. At the highest levels, it is formless, which is why some of the more grandiose glamorisations actually inhibit a full understanding. So it’s source is a distorting and controlling consciousness which seeps into your higher dimensional being – it’s more like a virus, acting through the field. It can only come in because of the distortion one’s own ego makes of reality. Examples are: over identification with the physical including: fear and lack of trust in not having enough; avoidance, insensitivity and denial of your deep inner self; or devolving personal responsibility to some higher power. It could be excessive consumption or trying to control life. This internal efforting creates inner blind spots making people susceptible to the Intervention energy.
You could view it as an extention of your own ego – which is fine. Something which across society has gotten out of control, forming an intelligent collective consciousness which pervades the majority. But those who are sensitive to the field will feel, see and experience the interdimensional entities that reside in that consciousness.
Awareness is the key to breaking this Intervention – because it can only act within your inner consciousness blind spots – where you switch off and become automated (in any way, which includes distancing oneself in bliss or denial). That’s why I’m urging as many as possible with the ears to hear, to get to know this consciousness, that more may overcome and unravel it within their own being – which is the only place it can truly be confronted and dissolved. The Original Human in you has the capacity to do this. In my knowing, humanity has an inner code which when activated, was designed to overcome the Intervention and unwind it for the benefit of all others. But first we must be fully informed and aware.
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