Friday, April 10, 2015

Knock Knock...The Sacred and Secret Bloodlines...A Little Gift...Activation...

I see now it’s the same old dirty tricks…
I apologize, certain events were supposed to
Have happened by now…yet again we’re
Experiencing the same delays…
Because Big Brother won’t give up their ways,
Or their control…Money and Power, they
Are such an indulgence, especially with a
Newer generation taking over for their older
This past Easter…September 11th…
The Spring of 1996…What do these things
Have in common? They were appointed
Times when Alien contact was supposed to
Have gone public, and didn’t.
Instead we were dealt distractions to test
Us and keep us from thinking too much.
Why delay this?
For two reasons…
Going public with Alien contact would
Have forced the governments to relinquish
Control and be more obvious with the people.
And Second, more in tune individuals
Would have seen through any shady
Aspects of this announcements and would
Have created chaos.
Not to mention, the Aliens would have
Encouraged more honorable people to
Take positions in government…
And you know we, or rather they, can not
Have more honesty in politics than deceit.
It would have spoiled tradition, and
Years of consistent lies.
How Heartbreaking.
Since time is of importance, I must step it up
To try and help people overcome this.
Lets face it, they are not going to be kind
To us because they are just plain greedy
Pigs, right to the end.
I was hoping for some miracle with debt
Forgiveness, and I’m sure so were a lot of people.
And I was hoping after all this time the
Good Aliens would have come out of hiding
And helped us.
Instead we get delays, and broken promises.
It’s time to change all that.
The Aliens have been watching, waiting and
Studying us…waiting for something special
To happen…I don’t like being pressured, but
Well, let’s give it to them.
I’ve written before about a weapon I’ve designed
To hurt them, the shadow-things…
I was afraid to tell, to use it, but honestly
I am just so fed up with waiting I’d rather
Just share it with you and let it do what it’s
Supposed to.
I’ve told you to print up 3 x 3 grids of
Certain pieces of artwork…
The most powerful pieces I have are the Crystals.
Take the Sun Diamond, the Manifestation
Crystal and the Amethyst Avatar and Grid them
Together as you wish…Using the one that
Appeals to you most as the Focal Point.
I have o confess I have not done this myself
Yet because of how strong they are.
Whenever I finish a potent piece…Lights
Blow out, I get a lot of shocks when I touch
Things and anything electronic gets all funky
On me. These Crystal pieces are that strong.
I realize it’s risky, but we don’t have time.
May 1st is the day of their rituals, it’s the
Time when they use their dark magic to
Issue control and manipulate things, money,
Politics…Time itself, etc…
So we must do all we can to thwart this.
These pieces have that Power.
Used together they can unlock those doors
In your mind, grant you ancient memories,
Grant wishes…and are a powerful shield
Of protection from Dark Forces.
Use them carefully, and keep your
Mind clean and centered when you work with
These, even the print outs pack a punch.
It’s best to even go through a cleansing ritual
Before using them so as not to overwhelm yourself.
Rest assured they will work.
Together, the m more of us there are doing this
The more we can take back the control we lost
And hopefully bring in a lot more positive energy
Back into our lives and Mother Earth.
People have written me asking how they can
Break free, end curses…find answers.
This is how.
Just keep your mind open, centered. The
Answers you seek will come.
Maybe you will find you are of one of the
Sacred bloodlines…or more.
For centuries Bloodlines have been manipulated…
From the Secret Societies dark bloodlines,
The ones conceived in rituals, mingled with
Demonic forces…created for taking control
And master power over politics, religion and the World…
To the Secret Ancient Bloodlines of the Tuatha
Which spread across the globe, the Star Seed
That we are familiar with. These are the
Ones with hidden powers, ancient memories
Of other worlds…Those who will awaken
One day and overthrow the dark side.
To the Sacred Bloodlines…
I figure since I’m spilling the beans I might
As well play fair and tell you a bit about Heavenly
Plans…and the Sacred Bloodlines…
Known throughout history and religion as
The Nazarite (or Nazarene)…These bloodlines were and have
Always been guided by the Heavenly Powers…
Humble and wise, bestowed with gifts…
They mostly exist secretly…as a measure
Of balancing out what the bad side dishes out.
In other words, Big Brother…Whatever scheme
Your crafted bloodlines were born to screw with…
Heaven has its own Chosen ones that can
Foil your plans and match anything you
Send out.
These Bloodlines do exist…
The only true Question is…How to activate them?
Now you know how.
With the Crystal Grids…
The Magic of the Lines and Light…
You now have the Option to Open your
Magic Box and find out what you can do.
Now there are other manipulated bloodlines of course…
Mostly by different Alien races, true experiments
As they value our complete emotions…and
Therefore vast potential in untapped psychic abilities…
But the ones I mentioned here are the most
Important because they present the greatest
Impact on our future.
Unexplained attractions…couples that don’t match,
Relationships that wax and wane with the wind…
All for the sake of producing offspring…
Carry on genes…waiting for those gems with
The DNA aligned perfectly to advance
The Human race like they wanted…
Hitler tried it with the Aryan race,
But it’s not about blond hair and blue eyes…
Nor does it mean only Caucasians can be
The descendents of Tuatha…
It’s about the chemistry of the Spirit…
The essence of the person, enriched by
Wit and wisdom, experiences that can’t be
Taught…balanced by a humanity that
Can’t be learned…only born with.
Only God knows who and where they are. That’s
Why this plan can’t be beat.
Dear Mr. Spacemen…You’ve had your chances.
This gift I share is for We the People. Now,
Yes, Aliens can use it…it was designed to
Bring out the best. In the right mind it
Could activate an unlimited chain of events…
A pulse…A new era…In the wrong hands…
Well you see, it’s also designed to erase the
Bad parts…
In other words…
If the Bad Guys use it…
It could fry their brain and leave
Them a vegetable.
I warned you.
That’s all for now.

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