Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Please Help To spread and transmit this message

The Universe is not just dust like NASA makes us understand. We want the truth - God and the angels live for millions of years in the universe and the Planet Earth isolated from the universe. Something is wrong ... On this planet we live the hidden God because the planet is separated from God ... The name from the Prime Creator is Ohara and Omara and this Universe is called Nebadiah… Jesus Christ,  Sananda, Ra, Mother Sekhmet, we are not free to receive the unconditional love that comes from the Divine Creator but rather a conditioning love that comes from this separation of Earth's history. We are rewriting the history of the Earth with the Disclosure of the Galactic Federation of Light and the First Contact… we're separated from the Divine Creator where we never should have left. We are changing that and calling it a New Era, the Golden Age, Era of Freedom, Age of Aquarius, or even the Messianic Kingdom from the Bible. We can see that on PAO-Planetary Activation Organization (www.paoweb.com). It has an important role in all of this??? I hope so . Now we must to remember again, reconnect ... and end up with this amnesia and separation that only brings pain and suffering, screams and moans of the world, etc. The disclosure and First Contact of the Galactic Federation of Light makes the planet reconnect to the source and unconditional love of the Divine Creator and to the universe ... what is happening to this planet affect them too and the Galactic Federation of Light is also in the configuration of the star of David from the Bible and not this isolation or separation that we have with the Universe.
To heal all wounds, we have to go back to the love of God and reconnect the planet. For that we have to help the Ascended Masters, like the Galactic Heart or St. Germain or Lady Quan Yin and the NESARA or GESARA on this planet to make the disclosure and First Contact of the Galactic Federation of Light. I'm asking you to help spread this and to convey this message. We have the PAO-Planetary Activation Organization with Sheldan Nidle and Colleen ( www.paoweb.com ), lets help them too. Thank you very much. Grateful for the attention,


  1. It is all an Illusion - not real, even though it does seem to be real. How could we ever really leave our Mother/Father God, when we are now, and always have been ONE WITH THEM. When we are truly awake, we will know that it was only a dream, and that we never were really apart from them. The night is over, and the Dawn is breaking! Time to wake up and put the coffee on! ☺

  2. I understand God as a living unseeable collective that we are all a part of, connecting with this is having the ability to observe what we see is what we think, this is all developed from within so people need to stop regergatating the news and seek within, we are all one but our thoughts need not be the same, thoughts of service to others with love will change this perceived reality.

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