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A Journey Through The Multiverse

The Universe is feminine,----created from a Mother Goddess. The Mother Goddess is the great architect of the Universe, and gives the purpose of beings who have evolved to become Builders of their own universe, and the Builders and the Mother Goddess at first create and seed life together, then the Mother Goddess after appointing Builders in the development of the universe, leaves them alone to oversee their universe, allowing the variety, so that the more the Mother Goddess can learn.
Based on the goals of the Mother Goddess, each universe be unique, with only the imagination of the Builders and other Creator Gods that sets the limits. Creator Gods were at first beings created by the Builders to help seed the Universe of the basic life forms like the plant and animal life. Creator Gods leave their signature in their creation, like the butterfly, or the deer.
The physical manifestation of the Mother Goddess as the Queen Mother of the Orion Empire, --- multidimensional representative of the Mother Goddess---where everything centers on a Queen. This is not a Matriarchal reign as is known as such, but a society where all races aligned of the Orion Empire know that the Universe be feminine, where males and females live in harmony, have different goals, but work together to achieve goals to assist the Mother Goddess in her creation.
Some races within the Orion Empire did not understand that what is made by combining different ideas, and styles which be the result of that what one wants to discuss and the state of two things that are directly opposite to each other like of the male and female, therefore jealousy occurred among the males, which led to some conflicts, but overall the Orions be connected to the Mother Goddess, that conflicts are rare within the Empire. Orion be where everyone be learning their place in life, and each person be supported by the rest to develop the skills and passions that each wish to enhance, so as to contribute to the overall society.
The original Earth (Old Terra) was seeded by the Creator Gods sent by the Queen Mother, to create a Living Library experiment. The Queen Mother and the Creator Gods created an Androgynous being called Namlú'u, which was to be the Guardians of the Living Library on Old Terra. These beings had slender almost transparent bodies, long limbed and big elongated skulls. The Creator Gods of the Namlú'u were the Titans, who were appointed the adminstrators of the Living Library of Old Terra by the Queen Mother of Orion.
The Titans were giants like the Namlú'u, except they had genders, both male and female. The female Titans were Chief Administrators as they were daughters of the Queen Mother of Orion. The Titans were overthrown by the Olympians, the Sirian Overlords.

The Namlú'u:

“They were made up of many different star beings' DNA, but foremost that of the Queen of the Stars. She wanted them to be not just ordinary beings, but to have the Fire of the Goddess and the Essence of the KHAA in their blood stream. She made them truly divine. They were multidimensional by default, and had semi-etheric bodies with a pearly violet-rose tint. When their sensitive minds perceived danger or threats, they took on a reddish tint.
In their DNA was the secret of the Universe, and they were made to serve. The animals, the plants, the rocks, the oceans, the skies, and the ether alike were their home. They could travel freely across the dimensions and were excellent shepherds. If you would have been there, you could have seen these giant humanoids walking the Earth, two by two, or three by three, maybe holding long walking sticks, following herds of animals, or you could have seen animals following them and surrounding them.
They didn't talk; they had no vocal chords like you and I. Instead they communicated by thought. You could feel their thoughts inside your head when you spoke to them and they replied. Their communication did not always come into one’s mind as words; these beings sent their messages in whole concepts, like a whole 'package' of thoughts at once. They were very friendly, and the only time you could hear them was when they made a loud, but pleasant sound, as they were calling back stray animals. The Queen didn't give them genders, because she didn't want the conflict between males and females. “
The Aryan of Orion was where the first Reptilian race of this Universe, created by a team of Builders appointed by the Mother Goddess, who panspermed the first of the planets in the Belt of Orion, than after came back and continued the seeding of a particular jungle planet of Orion.
This Reptilian species had scales on black reptilian bodies, born with the Fire of the Mother Goddess bodies. They had a close connection to the Goddess, they were still required to go through evolution.
Their scales disappeared as they evolved and they started looking more humanoid over the generations, still retaining certain reptilian features. Their bodies became long and slender, and are still black. They have little, or no body hair, with most of them, including the females, not having hair on their heads. Their eyes were large and piercing.
“Their society became very female oriented with time as the species developed, and life in Orion revolved around the Orion Queen. The females did the hard work and the male's rule was to mate with the Queen and protect her from enemies and invaders. On the battlefield it was usually the males who dominated, although the females were excellent warriors in their own right, but at home it was the female who dominated daily life in the Aryan society; the male was the hunter and the warrior.”

The Aryans of the Orion Empire had opponents during the Galactic Wars, the Sirian Overlords of the Empire of Sirius. The Sirians were a male dominated society, cat/wolf/reptilian/humanoid in appearance. They were hairy by nature. The men have golden, black or red manes just like the lions, and often wear it long, and locked, with long braided beards, with boney ridge on the forehead.
After the Galactic Wars, and Old Terra had been devastated and reduced to the present Earth, the highly multi-dimensional Namlú'u, who survived the devastation and were still on the Earth, had the capacity to connect to the Mother Goddess Universe just by their thoughts. The Namlú'u were very friendly, compassionate, humble and spiritually powerful.
The Sirians came to the Earth and saw the androgynous Namlú'u, and the wonders that they could do. The Sirians tried to get the Namlú'u to give them this Goddess Power, but the Namlú'u refused to show how to access this Goddess Power, as they could see that the Sirians were not of the light.
So the Sirian Overlords changed things around. Their geneticists mixed the Sirian DNA with the multi-dimensional Namlú'u, and the apes that were already inhabited the earth, and created the hybrid race, Homo Sapiens, the the 'thinking man'. The Sirian Overlords succeeded beyond the wildest dreams. It was found that Homo Sapien, this highly sexual race, could do the same things as the multi-dimensional androgynous Namlú'u, not just through the sacred rituals of ecstasy, but through the female orgasm.

The Sirian Overlords created a species, which they themselves do not understand, and the female power they were hoping to use became the secret of Homo Sapiens.
The patriarchal Sirians were in rebellion against the Mother Goddess, but they still allowed these early humans to know that the Goddess be the creator of the Universe, and that she needs to be worshiped through sacred rituals and sex under supervision of Sirian men present, so that the Sirian Overlords could learn the secret of the power of the female orgasm when it happened between two humans of the opposite sex. But they are still unable to learn how to tame this power, and use it for themselves.
Shamanism was led by the feminine force, that is only woman could be shamans in the olden times, so the Sirians tried infiltrating shamanism and replace with male shamanism. But male shamans can open portals as the female, but they can not accumulate the KHAA -- 96% dark energy/matter of the Universe that human science can't explain, which is the "blackness/darkness" between stars and galaxies (other names are Vril, Chi, Ur and Faho)-- and reuse it in the sense a trained female shaman can. Because of this the purpose of shamanism, and the results had disappeared from the Western history.
This be why women have being sexually abused, and mind controlled in the satanic rituals, and of the pedophilia in high places of society; because males of certain alien races are after for such long time what the woman stand for.
The woman has the fire energy of the Mother Goddess, man less so. When man and woman come together in sexual embrace, eye to eye, the fire energy of the woman will take them both to multi-dimensional, where things can be created by the thoughts and actions, and in receiving divine guidance.
At the moment of orgasm, the woman became like a super-charged rod which entered the Realm of the Goddess, which the Orions call the KHAA, and she could bring Divine Energy back into the 3rd Dimension and accumulate it in her body and soul. Then she could use that power for the good of herself, her family, her tribe, or anything she wanted. This is the root to shamanism, where they knew how to use the female power for the good of things.
Everything comes from the Mother Goddess. The females are directly connected with the prime energy of the Universe and therefore came first and have more 'essence' of the Goddess Fire energy than males do. The Fire looks like an orb, but when attaching to the three-dimensional body, the orb stretches herself out to form an avatar, or a light-body around the physical body.
"Imagine you are Enki learning from a dragon Queen mother, Aide. Here son is how you create life: take lightening, and learn to tie it up in a ball. Something about that first dimple which turns the skinny tornado like lightening bolt into the torus donut - IS when the whip cracks - implosion starts - it becomes "self re-entrant" and self-organizing."
"And PHIAT LUX - you have LIFE itself. What was a lightening bolt - now appears like a floating ball (really toroidal). Scientists spent lifetimes studying the nature of ball lightning - never imagining that the answer required understanding the origin of life itself as a
symmetry turn inside out.”
------Dan Winter, The Return of Enki -- Kids become Stars

At first woman gave birth by cloning herself, by the unfertilized egg --parthenogenesis . The woman had the 'fire' energy of the Mother Goddess. Each clone was of the female. After some time, the clones were becoming deficient, that is a 'virus' in the DNA of the cloning had perpetuated itself ever more, had become that the female clones could no longer clone themselves without deficiency in the offspring.
So, there was created an 'altered' female, called man. So that man and woman would create the offspring by sexual union, thereby the 'virus' from the DNA would be unable to perpetuate itself, as the DNA of the offspring would be different every time, adding diversity and strengthening the gene pool.
Ea was given permission by his mother, Queen Mother of the Orion Empire, to create a new being on Earth. At that time the Sirian Overlords had control of the Earth. Ea aligned with Nammur, (Lord Enlil) of the Sirians. The Sirians accepted Ea's way of controlling human sexuality. Ea became known as Lord Enki by the Sirians.
Nammur --Lord Enlil – was a full blooded Siran. Ea –Lord Enki-- was a full blooded Aryan.
Nammur's father, King Anu, married Ea's mother, as an effect of a peace treaty alliance. The Queen Mother's eggs that are fertilized become females, the unfertilized eggs become males.

Ea—Lord Enki – was born of a virgin birth. Ea --- Lord Enki--- is a step-brother of Nammur---Lord Enlil.
EA created the first sexual human, a female, from his own DNA and of the Namlú'u, the Sirians, the Homo Neanderthalensis, and other star races, and the Fire of the Mother Goddess. She was EVE, the first genetically engineered sexual female. She was beautiful and dark-skinned like her asexual cousins.

EA then genetically altered the EVE to create a manipulated female by adding lots of testosterone, and other things. This manipulted female became the ADAMUS. The female body had more spiritual and psychic abilities than the male.
The fire energy of the Mother Goddess was put into the DNA of the man and more-so in the woman, as life comes from the woman. The fire energy in the DNA made it so that the man and woman, even-though three-dimensional, were of a high frequency vibration that enabled of a multi-dimensional travel and thought, and communicating with the Mother Goddess.
The Sirian Overlords found that the woman had the fire energy of the Mother Goddess, and that she could take the man with her to the multi-dimension when they were in a sexual embrace.

There become the suppression of the fire energy of the woman, laws for the conduct, the initiation of the fear into the woman, initiation of the change in morals, so as to control the fire energy in black magic.
The Sirian Overlords altered the DNA of the man and woman, so that their souls could not communicate with the Mother Goddess, and the man and woman became disconnected from the energy of the Universe, as their DNA would only be of the two lower chakras, and the other ten were disconnected.

“Don't do that! GOD will be angry with you, and send you to the bottom of the Earth!”

A quarantine grid was put around the Earth by the beings of the Sirian Empire, the man and woman with the DNA changed, forgot about the Mother Goddess, and now GOD was to be the ONE.
Man was in charge, so as to control the fire energy of the woman in black magic sexual rituals. The Sirian Alliance are now in charge.
The feminism movement was to usurp away from the feminine principle, so as to distract away from the fire energy of the Mother Goddess. The feminism movement is not feminine, it is masculine.
So when we think of the Mother Goddess and the feminine principle, we now think of the feminism, away from the balance of the male and female. Man was born with the feminine principle, as he is an altered female.

Learn from the darkness inside, where the real universe be, so as to consider your adversaries, that are the reflections of the inner conflict.
Be the calm in the eye of the storm
Mother, Daughter, and the Fire.

"The Wes Penre Papers"----
The Second Level of Learning

The Extraterrestrial Manipulation of Mankind
-- A Journey through the Multiverse--
5.1 Update on the Aryan/Sirian Peace Agreement

Robert Smith O'Ghobhain
Sarnia, Ontario

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The Anunnaki, Mankind's Enslavement and the Afterlife Deception (MORE hoaxes for Our collection)

The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamission Neruda
By Sarah, Wing Makers
What follows is a session I recorded of Dr. Neruda on January 2, 1998. This interview (number five) has been unpublished until March 4, 2014.
Dr. Neruda gave permission for me to record his answers to my questions. This is the transcript of that session.
This was one of five times I was able to tape record our conversations. I have preserved these transcripts precisely as they occurred.
No editing was performed, and I’ve tried my best to include the exact words, phrasing, and grammar used by Dr. Neruda.
The reason is based on Dr. Neruda’s timing, the specific reasons for this timing have not been communicated.
Sarah: “What we discussed Wednesday night has been swirling around me ever since. I think I’ve become a bit obsessed with all of this… what for me, anyway, is new information. I’m trying my best to process it into my mental framework, and I have to admit, I’m not sure it’s working.
Dr. Neruda: “I understand. I’ve held back some information for this very reason—not only for you, but also for those who will ultimately read this.”
Sarah: “When we ended the last session we agreed to spend more time on The Grand Portal. Is that what you’re referring to, or is it something else?”
Dr. Neruda: “It’s all related. It’s a very, very big picture, and broad timeline.”
Sarah: “Can you share it now?”
Dr. Neruda: “Let’s take it one part at a time. With your questions, I hope it will all come clear, but I have to warn you that it will seem a little unwieldy or odd until the whole of it is out.”
Sarah: “Okay. Where do you want to start?”
Dr. Neruda: “I think we need to go back to the beginning in order to understand the true context of The Grand Portal.
Sarah: “Okay…”
Dr. Neruda: “Earth was and is a very unique planet. It was entirely of water originally. But what made it interesting to beings was the fact that its core enabled it to have a gravitational force that supported manifestation.”
Sarah: “What do you mean by manifestation?”
Dr. Neruda: “That it began to traverse from an interdimensional planet of sound frequencies to a planet of matter—of physical matter. Its gravity-producing core or nucleus was able to literally create the conditions that allowed it to materialize itself over eons of time.”
Sarah: “How do you know this history?”
Dr. Neruda: “There are records of this on the disc that was taken from the twenty-third chamber at the Ancient Arrow site. But some of this we knew from other documents we’ve retrieved from the Sumerian record that have not been widely distributed. We’ve also had discussions with the Corteum that bear this out.”
Sarah: “So earth started out as a water planet and it wasn’t physical?”
Dr. Neruda: “Correct. This was when the Atlanteans lived within the planet. They were the race of beings that inhabited earth at this time of its formation. The Anunnaki came to them and negotiated an agreement to allow the Anunnaki to mine a substance near the core of the planet that would be—in its essence—what today we would call gold.”
Sarah: “Gold? Why?”
Dr. Neruda: “They required it. The exact reason is unknown, but it had something to do with the way that gold modulated the frequency of their body. Gold was an essence to their race. It held a property that was vital to their survival. The record is a little vague as to exactly why it was so important. But these records mention that their entire planet had twelve major cities and all of them were made of a semi-transparent gold. Even the book of Revelations refers to this.”
Sarah: “Who were these beings? I mean, I’ve heard of the Atlanteans, but never the Anunnaki.”
Dr. Neruda: “They were a race of beings that were not physical, but etheric, interdimensional beings. Since the Atlanteans were the only race of beings on earth at that time, they—the Anunnaki—sought permission to set-up mining on earth, which the Atlanteans agreed to.
Sarah: “Why?”
Dr. Neruda: “They didn’t see any harm in helping this race. They weren’t a competitor, since the Atlanteans were larger and more numerous. The Atlanteans wanted to have an agreement with the Anunnaki if only to befriend them for their technology. Also, the gold mining was in an area of earth that was of little consequence to them.”
Sarah: “I don’t see how this relates to The Grand Portal.” MUCH MORE

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Message from Montague Keen - April 19, 2015

Message from Montague Keen - April 19, 2015
Since my passing in 2004, I have gently guided you to look at Ireland. Until you do, the Cabal will carry on regardless, destroying all human life on Earth. Until you honestly face the TRUTH, you cannot hope to rescue humanity.
You do not see anyone asking the right questions of your politicians or the Vatican. Who has questioned the chemtrails, the fluoridated water, the GM food, or the vaccinations that are being used to wipe out the human race? By doing nothing, you are giving the Cabal permission to carry on, regardless of the consequences.
Veronica has her family with her, this weekend, to celebrate her birthday on 21 April; because of this, I will be brief.
Veronica received the following email:
What is the role of Ireland in the Global scheme of things?
At 1 hour 20 minutes of LINK below:
The four (4) races of people that the cabal want to keep down:
Native American Indians
South Africans
Ireland seems to be important in the scheme of things.
. . .
Michael Tsarion says:
Ireland has been the number one (1) target of the 'old world monolithic conspiracy'.
The kind of priesthood that Ireland gave rise to . . .
The true "pure ones" (Aryan) civilization was founded here in the West.
Every single motif, every single tradition of culture worth its salt, originated in the West.
You find derivatives of it in the East.
. . .
Knowledge from the "Servants of Truth" (Druids)
knowledge of herbs
knowledge of healing
knowledge of animal symbolism
knowledge of music
knowledge of poetry
The measurements of the ancient megalithic sites is more precise the more you move towards the West, until you finally get to Ireland and the megalithics are most precise.
The DNA of Minoan civilization (Crete civilization) is Western. They (main stream media) hate this.
The Western origins (Ireland) of civilization are being discovered.
This culture (Ireland) first had to be destroyed for the malignant conspiracy that we know today and we have be laboring under for a millennia.
One tradition (Ireland) had to be utterly destroyed.
One entire way of life (Ireland) had to be utterly destroyed.
One entire world view (Ireland) had to be utterly destroyed.
We know this destruction as the First oppression of Ireland.
We know it as the destruction of the Druids.
We know it as the destruction of Irish culture.
This (Irish) tradition had to be suppressed.
This (Irish) tradition had to be destroyed; in order for any of the pathological stuff to be built.
With the Druid's Gnosis (knowledge) . . .
While the Druids lived there was no chance of any malignant thing lasting more than 5 bloody minutes.
Ireland was number one (1).
Ireland was the first zone of attack.
What is deep in the Irish genes does not exist anywhere else.
Ireland plays a deep role in prying loose the prison gates for everyone else.
It explains why Ireland is heavily fluoridated. 98 percent of Europe is not fluoridated.
Ireland is fluoridated.
Michael Tsarion on Open Your Mind: "The Dying Conspiracy'' (23-11-1014 Interview)
Published on Nov 30, 2014.
I suggest that you read it and listen to another person's views on Ireland. Veronica and I hold Michael Tsarion in very high esteem. It is Veronica's dearest wish that one day, Michael Tsarion will agree to film a discussion on Ireland with her. Unless you understand what was done to Ireland and the Irish people, you cannot hope to escape the conditions that have been imposed on you by the Cabal, where the majority of people can barely exist in a world of plenty.
Veronica deserves to spend quality time with her family this weekend. I will be there, enjoying the humor and the good food, as the laughter always lifted my spirits. To be with one's soul family is a privilege; never take it for granted. My dear wife and her family made me happier than I ever knew it was possible to be.
We are at your side, Veronica, guiding you every step of the way. Your trust in me never wavered, even for a moment. We continue to make a remarkable team.
My love surrounds you, always. Your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

Getting Through the Dark Night of the Soul

by Tathina
The dark night of the soul is a process many spiritual seekers go through at some point in their lives, I being one of them.
The dark night is not mentioned that much in spiritual texts and teachings. A lot of the times, we are being told to be happy, raise your vibration, look to the light, but none of this will be lasting until you have loved the dark.
The dark night of the soul is an overall beautiful experience where a person’s ego/false self is “dying” to their true Self which is LOVE or in other words one is realizing the ego self is false and never really existed.
This process can occur at any point in one’s life, but it usually emerges after a spiritual seeker has attained a lot of spiritual knowledge or growth. This is because the ego is now being called out for what it is and it tightens its grips on you to hide you from the light that you are.
Even though this is a very beautiful and sacred process, it can be perceived at the time as very difficult. Especially when you are in the thick of the fog. This is why it is called the dark night of the soul (it may feel like a dark century of the soul to some… lol).
You feel as if you are stuck in the dark with no hope of seeing the light again. You already feel totally alone due to this process, and on top of that it is not talked about often in spiritual texts.
This is because a lot of us look for the light only and try to run away from the dark, not realizing that the dark will only grow larger the more you ignore it.
Many think they have done something wrong when the symptoms of the Dark Night appear. Especially if they just went through so much perceived spiritual growth. This is furthest from the truth! When you find yourself in the Dark Night show gratitude because you are going through a sort of rites of passage or a spiritual detox.
The pain you feel is the pain you have tried to suppress for years, decades, and even lifetimes. It is now finally bubbling up to the surface to be healed with the love you give it.
Even though it seems painful to face this pain, you should feel honored that this pain is finally flowing out of you. We don’t even realize the heavy baggage that we have held onto for so long.
For whatever reason, you are in a position right NOW where it is inevitable to heal your pain, suffering, and feelings of separation from source.
This pain is not personal pain, even though it definitely feels like it when you are in the Dark Night! Since our ego selves do not really exist, this pain is only a feeling we attach stories to.
This pain you feel is collective and felt through-out the world. We feel this due to our belief that we are separate entities, cut off from Source. When you accept and heal this pain, you heal the world’s suffering automatically!
When you are in a Dark Night, you feel as if you are in a depression. Though you are in a “spiritual depression,” this is different from clinical depression because the symptoms do not come about due to a certain external situation.

COBRA UPDATE-The Ganymede Portal

The Ganymede Portal on the largest moon of Jupiter is the most important location in our Solar System.
It is the strongest energetic pathway in our Solar system which leads to the Galactic Central Sun. Sirius is a midway station between the Galactic Center and the Ganymede Portal, stepping down the vibrational frequency of the Central Sun energy to the degree that our Sol system can absorb.
There is a huge Galactic Confederation underground base on Ganymede which is a central hub for all intelligent positive races working upon the liberation of our Solar system and planet Earth especially.
That base is the main stronghold of the Jupiter Command and they are operating the portal towards the Galactic Center.
The base is located near the center of the Gallileo Regio:
The Ganymede Portal is the main beacon of Light for this Solar System including our planet. Without that portal being open, humanity would not survive the Archon invasion in 1996 and would be now extinct. Exopolitical events have much more influence on geopolitical situation than most people realize. The Archons have cleverly labeled everyone with more that a passing interest in cosmos as a »lunatic« to ensure that people would not detect the real source of the problems we have on Earth.
You can read two excellent summaries of the exopolitical background of the planetary situation here:
You can also connect energetically in your meditations with the Ganymede Portal, as it is the strongest source of spiritual Light in our Solar System: READ MORE

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 4/21/2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 4/21/2015
7 Batz, 9 Kank’in, 11 Ik
Selamat Jarin! We come at this time to inform you about what is currently happening in your reality. The dark oligarchy that is running your world is fading. Yet it still maintains points of power, which it is using to delay the transition to a new reality. The vital key to this is to manipulate the exchange of monies from one international bank to another. A consortium of several governments and a collection of preselected private banks mostly control this process. By narrowing what is acceptable, this consortium can delay or even prevent what can pass through this critical gateway. In this case, the series of transactions that enable the various loans and funds required to either provide you monies or even change governments can be interfered with (in some cases stopped or even stolen). These cruel tactics have either stalled or prevented the various promised prosperity programs to be put in a pre-delivery mode. Recently, certain agreements along with a number of key arrests caused panic among these oligarchs, as the threats from the international legal system seemed to be bringing this vile scheme to a close.
Arrests have so far been on several levels beneath the key oligarchs. Current legal cases are now forcing them to rethink these vile plots that have continually delayed these deliveries. Currently, a new way to circumvent these dark cabalists is being negotiated between the ancient families, Ascended Masters and those involved in the ever-changing legal system. The leaders in this counter process are the major BRICS nations and the legal team led by a number of extremely courageous individuals. Our assigned liaisons are making sure that a number of these steps are carefully coordinated between all effected parties. Our mutual goals are to create a new, transparent international banking system and a complete delivery of prosperity funds, along with the interim rise of new governance. The next step in any world filled with rising consciousness is to move from limited distribution of wealth to a mass-based prosperity. The cabal understands this and for too long has been allowed to carry on it’s “bullying”. You need to go quickly beyond money and putting “artificial value” on goods.
Technology available to you has been sequestered simply because it can swiftly create these conditions. Once you move beyond the need for a limited economy and move into total abundance, the economic underpinnings of your global society become obsolete. What is then needed is a moral means to truly understand how each individual freely interacts with each other and how such a society works. These things are to be covered by the four social laws and by the very nature of galactic society. The point that we make is that those who know how to move you and your societies forward realize what lies ahead. The dark is simply a very strong curmudgeon, using its last days to stall the inevitable. Once new governance is in place, disclosure can permit us to implement the divine plan given to us by Heaven. This process then permits us to land and allow our mentors to bring you up to speed on what full consciousness entails. Then, you can use the Crystal Light Chambers to complete your transformation and end your long journey from the night back into day!
This process is actually going to permit you to jump ahead by centuries, which such an evolution normally takes. You have this heavenly dispensation since you are ending a most unjustified plunge into limited consciousness and Gaia needs your help. She is watching as her ecosystems shrink and transform. This process requires you quickly to return to your former full consciousness status. Hence, we were recruited by Heaven to assist your Ascended Masters and the Agarthans. Know that you are a vital aspect of the Creator's divine plan. We are in divine service to this plan and were given a number of goals to accomplish when we arrived here. The first primal point is one of no direct interference. We were therefore obliged to gain the trust, confidence and friendship of those who are now our earthly allies. This procedure took nearly 12 years to achieve. Presently, we understand well the difficulties of how this transformation is to happen. We simply ask for your continual positive support in what is a very sensitive series of matters.
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive on this day with some very interesting news! The path to receiving your blessings is being cleared by our associates. These most gracious Beings have used their resources and skills to forge agreements and alliances with both various ancient families and certain key nations. These blessed activities are in appropriate time, making it possible for a new more transparent banking system to be manifested. We are grateful for their knowledge and their abilities to forge groups that are ready to bring you a very fair banking system and a means to finally deliver those trusts set up by us long ago. They tell us that we are getting very close to the actual deliveries of these funds. In addition, these funds are expected to provide the legal way to give you new governance. Meanwhile, we are told by Heaven that a new wave of energies are permitting a whole host of preliminaries needed to prepare you for your Ascension in your living Crystal Light Chamber.
As this procedure prepares to gain steam, we must advise you that a potential for bodily pain exists in your lower chakras. Be aware of this and be ready for what is in all probability now happening to you. Your numerous Angelic body guardians are primarily doing this work. If at any time these pains seem overwhelming, please consult with your health and healing professionals. Your assigned medical teams are regulating your condition. They are to work with you up to a certain point. This is why we suggest the above. Nevertheless, be prepared to have your health care professionals slightly confused by what they see. Most of what is occurring is in essence, energy transferals. Such massive change is usually something, which is foreign to them. Hence, be ready to ask anyone who does work with this type of processing to assist you. Additionally, be ready to call on us for needed assistance.
All of these changes are part of a greater transformation instituted by Heaven decades ago. Our part in this is to advise you, and when needed to help you in this process. Once many governments and their interference are disabled, we fully intend to appear widely in public and bring comfort and healing to you. The public has been taught to disbelieve in our existence and to keep our appearances to a minimum. We need to be able to tend to and guide the people. Each of you is precious. You are here and therefore encountering those changes mandated by Heaven. Your limited consciousness bodies are fragile and what is taking place can be somewhat of a shock to you. Be ever aware of this and just know that much of what is happening to you is a mystery to most. Call upon us, dear Ones, and know deep in your heart that you are truly Loved by us!
Today, we carried on with our weekly message. It is essential that you stay positive despite the constant feeling within you that either nothing is changing or else that somehow the coming social, economic or monetary changes cannot possibly happen. Overcome this disbelief and know that this realm is really changing! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Planetary Activation Organization

Monday, April 20, 2015


April 20, 2015
I do not function alone, dear ones, I have the Hosts of heaven at my call.  Germain, Michael, I cannot name them all. Yours is a blessed land--and I mean your country. It is distressed and possessed, but it is blessed and shall be tended with loving, nurturing care through its tribulation for from it is destined to come the new. What a blessed, blessed gift.

In your land, those voices that are raised in the interest of true freedom for all men, who have any influencing force of note are soon slain or removed. Great ones of your dimension who have attempted to raise their voices in the cause of freedom eventually fall into the hands of their assassins. When there was uniting, however, to a wondrous cause, ye ones rallied and joined into one force and then joined your commands with those of your allies and moved as an allied unit. I take no note of in­dividuals; I take note of the unity and what can be accomplished in unity for Truth and wisdom.

During those times of your history, organization, not chaos was predominant. Ye must have "order" and deliberation of organized action to prevail. If there were times upon your dense experience whereby ones could unite, can you not do of it for your own liberation? Do you believe that we of the higher worlds are any less capable than ye of Earth? So be it! Would we not also disdain disorder and chaos, we who can see beyond what you can see, know beyond what you know? Would we not also see the value of joining our scattered energies into one united effort toward the goal of guarding and guidance of Earth? Therefore, as your Allied Command had its leaders so our Al­lied Command has its leaders.

All Commanders work in unison and love throughout the Galaxy.  Thus do we strive as one, as do you who serve this Light from your dimension.  We are all one in purpose and unity for the incoming Kingdom of God on Earth. I apologize for my vociferous response in abundance of words, which comes only from the abundance of my heart. I am abundantly proud of my Commanders and I am humbled to have them in my service. I cannot give credit to each without writing another entire manual, but I am so indebted to a few, such as Comman­der Korton, that I must mention his label and give credit. He has arranged the entire of the communications network in superb perfection against great odds.

There will come a day when men of Earth will rise up and understand each of our roles. We salute you and all that we embody, as well as all that we shall accomplish for the fulfill­ment of the Will of God and in service unto The Creation. Re­ceive you these words with our blessings and benediction.

I move to stand-by, Dharma, that you might have respite. Thank you, chela.

         TO STAND-BY    
                 ASHTAR           OUT.
Phoenix Jouranl #5, Chapter 3 excerpt., p. 24-25


TUE., SEP. 5, 1989 2:45 A.M. YEAR 3, DAY 020Ashtar to continue.
Widespread is the influence which the DBBs have upon average individuals. It reaches from the depths of the depravity which is found in drinking and drug dens and brothels, all the way to the boardrooms of large corporations and the very highest levels of government. In fact, the more degraded and higher the probable influence the harder and meaner the impact. It becomes totally integrated so that all facets play into the whole.
In essence, what the DBBs are able to do is to bring to life the embers which were taken into each human being at the time when the “gift of permanence” was conveyed. This I have already covered. Because the gift entailed adding to each human entity part of the essence of one of the fallen beings, these same beings, now of the DB, are readily able to tune themselves to the vibrations of any human soul frequency that has allowed itself to be colored strongly by the negative qualities of the “seed” which was taken in at that formative birthing.
Through this attunement between a human being and a DB, a magnification of the effect of that negative seed can take place. This is the origin of the concept that, just as each human soul has its guardian angel, so too it has its own ‘demon’ or fallen angel and/or “bad seed”. Strictly speaking this is not true, since the essence of a given one of the fallen beings is distributed among a large number of humans. The notion that a given human soul is more susceptible to the influence of one particular evil entity than of others is in general true, for the reason that I have now differentiated.
When the plan to distribute fragments of the fallen beings among humans was adopted, it was expected that the human entities would strive to purify and cleanse the dark seeds that were then implanted. Many have indeed accomplished this purification, and such individuals are far less susceptible to the whisperings of the DBBs than are their fellows who have never attempted to eradicate the darkness within.
An attempt to spur the human soul toward a particular action or thought which leads away from soul-advancement and which, followed far enough, would lock that human being into a downward spiral from which it could not escape, is attempted.
I will now discuss violence, aggression and loss of temper. In its ultimate manifestation, this category of influence brings war on a massive scale. It is not an inherent part of the human make-up, as originally created, to feel the hostility and hatred that are now seen so often in the world. These feelings have been introduced due to the combined effect of the dark seeds taken in at the time of the “gift of permanence”, together with the influence of the planet which man calls Mars. The red planet harbors an immense thought-form of hatred and aggression which can strongly overshadow thoughts and events on the Earth whenever it comes to a close approach. These factors, spurred by the constant efforts of the DB to fan the flames of bitterness and hostility between men, have been sufficient to allow warfare and violence on an unprecedented scale to sweep over this earth.
In some of your Earth countries, notably Iraq and Iran, the hostile attitude has put its foul roots down into the very heart of the nation, darkening almost every citizen with its poison. There is little hope that the bloodshed and horror can be stopped in countries such as these. In actuality, some such countries will completely consume themselves. It will not be until the final death throes of the evil world system that those unfortunate lands will perceive the wrongness of their practices. By that time, however, it will most likely be too late to avoid destruction.
Next, let us speak of temptation. This relates specifically to the idea of “self”. While it was always intended that humanity should develop a strong and stable image of the self, there was never any intention that such development should lead to a permanent coldness between humans. Nor was there the aim to allow the selfishness now rampant on the earth to permit one soul to control or manipulate others for purely personal reasons. Pride, haughtiness and any manifestations of selfishness have developed only since men learned to think of themselves as better than others, more deserving, more powerful, or whatever, towards power growth of self. Now you put the characteristics onto subliminal tapes and drizzle them into the subconscious to insure they are nurtured.
These attitudes poison relationships between souls and lead to permanent estrangement—producing a coldness and distance which can last over many lives in the joint experiences of souls who have allowed this to occur.
Now, another big one: materialism. This is a very broad topic, but can basically be summed up under two headings: possessions and atheism.
The lust for material possessions has been aided and abetted by the rich life style of twentieth century having and living, at least for countries in the West. However, even in the so-called “have-not” (third world?) lands, there is a great desire for material possessions among those who have been exposed to the kinds of goods which are available in other places.
This arises because, in most instances, the souls who are born into the “have-not” countries are there because, among other reasons, they must learn NOT to covet material things for their own sake. When these individuals again see the kinds of goods that might be available, they rekindle the old covetous streak which they have brought over from a previous life incarnate, and they suffer because their desire to possess these things cannot be fulfilled.
The idea that atheism is related to materialism may seem strange to some, but perhaps I can point out that the surest way to lose sight of the higher realities is to fasten one’s attention onto the things of the earth to such an extent that one forgets the truth that the material plane is only one realm of experience. Compound that with the concept that perhaps there is no other plane of existence and you have total materialism. If that goes further into belief that Earth life is but a passing phase lived on a plane which is not really the “home” of the human race, or that it is all there is, you have no reason not to respond to the total material persona.
If the mind becomes too obsessed with things and possessions, there is a great likelihood that the truths of the spirit will be passed over and forgotten. For many souls, this is precisely what has happened.
Your question should be, at this point, “How does one combat these categories of temptation?” The answer is too simple to be adequately utilized—LOVE!
It is LOVE alone that can surmount the barriers of distrust and hatred which man has thrown up due to his violent and aggressive ways. I do NOT refer to anything in your vocabulary that is defined as love; nor of hardly any of your physical human activities—which, by the way, are almost totally satanic in origin and fulfillment.
It is love alone which allows one to perceive that selfishness and the manipulation of others are not noble or spiritual paths to follow. It is love alone which can displace the lust for possessions in the mind of one who is caught in that dreadful trap. Only love can broaden the understanding to the point where the soul sees that the purpose of life is not to collect but rather to give—not to hinder but rather to help others, not to aggrandize the self, but to place it into the service of the creative forces that have made this realm of Earth, man, and all the myriads of creatures which inhabit its many planes and sub-realms; The Creation.
Now, brothers, let us investigate how these traps are set for YOU!
There are numerous souls who instinctively know that there is a “Path” somewhere—a route which, if followed diligently, will allow them to achieve spiritual progress and a true grasp of the meaning and purpose of life. However, these souls are not all of the same discernment. Many are very young in the sense of experience. Let me use an example which is a favorite of one of the Cohans, Hilarion.
Hypothesize that a soul has had numerous lives of a rather common variety, living within the various traditions into which it has been birthed, adopting the bias of the environs, including all of its prejudices and narrow thought-patterns, never stimulating fully the realization that life has a purpose entirely incongruous to that which conventional wisdom maintains. Then, suppose that soul lives a recent life in which its experience is touched deeply by another person, someone who had this special awareness of the higher Truths, someone who demonstrated the beauty and love which could be expressed by one who is on the path of spiritual advancement.
In some cases, though not all, the soul who had previously been following a conventional series of lives might suddenly become stimulated to struggle more diligently, to climb out of the ordinary mold, to gain a far deeper understanding of the meaning of existence.
So, the soul is then born into the current life-pattern. Because of that previous contact with the spiritually advanced person, the soul is born with an intent. It watches and keeps looking around—seeking for something it can not consciously identify. It feels that something must be just around the corner—some clue which will give it the understanding it knows it lacks, the grasp of meaning which is not present. Then something will happen that will introduce the soul to a different way of living or thinking, some teacher takes the soul into his circle of influence, some book seems to contain the signpost for which the seeking was probing and a circumstance is presented which can alter the pathway.
Here, however, is the test of discernment, of the inner recognition of Truth. For there are many false teachers upon the Earth in the present day, many so-called gurus and sages who hold out a certain philosophy of living and acting. These may attract the new seeker for a time, but if the teachings are not fully in tune with the higher Truths, or if the teacher himself does not behave in accordance with the philosophy he proclaims (brothers, this is a BIG ONE), then the seeker is expected to see the dichotomy and to become aware that perhaps this mode of thought is only a half-way house of some sort, a way-station on the path to a better and higher wisdom.
Many souls do not recognize the trap into which they have fallen. They embrace the teachings, join the movement and become devotees of their supposed “master”, defending him against all attack by those who have become disillusioned, often cutting themselves off from family and former friends—NEVER REALIZING THAT ANY MOVEMENT THAT PRODUCES DIVISION, COLDNESS AND ESTRANGEMENT BETWEEN HUMAN BEINGS—EVEN THOUGH IT DOES NOT OPENLY ESPOUSE THESE ATTITUDES—MUST BE IMPAIRED IN SOME WAY.
There are thousands of such movements now on Earth which fall into this category—of course there always have been the regular ones around also—those whose man-made doctrines have obscured the true original teachings. Because of the Cosmic Law governing the operation of these testing factors, we are not permitted to go about naming such groups, teachers or movements, nor do I have any desire to do so. However, I can and will list the kinds of teaching and activity which identify such forces, and the reader can form his own conclusions as he examines the various movements which are now on the Earth. Which, you will find, are almost all of them. I would wish to place in capitals and underline these items but will trust you to pay attention!
The most obvious traps are set by the movements which claim to be spiritual, but which are headed by individuals whose personal life-style is clearly the opposite of the teachings that are held forth. An example is the self-proclaimed guru or teacher who sends the new converts out onto the street, selling flowers or whatever to raise money, and who then pockets a large portion of the proceeds of those sales. Even if the teachings of the movement are in the direction of spirituality, the seeker is expected to be able to discriminate, i.e., to take only that which is in accord with his own inner feeling of the Truth for himself, and to reject that which is not in accord.
Most of the so-called gurus who fall into this category are counting on the inability of the new convert to discriminate. They expect the convert to swallow everything about the movement, on the grounds that some of the teachings are in accordance with the cosmic Truths of love and light. These ones will most often broadcast the term “love” and intimate relationship of spiritual integration, etc., ad nauseam. As an example, a body of teaching may include an insistence that love between mankind is the only hope for the salvation of the race, or it may refer to the functions of the guides and teachers on other planes, or it may stress the need to subjugate the self and undertake service to others. But each of these teachings can be perverted to an unworthy cause. For further example, the love between souls may be used to require the neophyte to love the guru or teacher unconditionally, or to give all of his possessions to the movement to demonstrate his love. Or again, the reference to guides on other planes may be used to convince the new seeker that the body of teaching provided by the movement must be correct because it comes through direct revelation from such guides. Finally, the subjugation of the self can be carried to the point where total self-abnegation is required, so that the neophyte will be willing to work any number of hours a day to raise money for the movement—to in turn be utilized freely by the leader.
The soul caught in such movements is not left without guideposts. He is not abandoned by his own guides, who are anxious to move him on to a broader perspective of reality. This can only happen when he sees the sham of the movement which has trapped him, and this perception can come if the seeker watches the signs and clues which come his way. The easiest way to discern the truth of any movement is to study its leader or founder.
If the leader or founder is living richly off the sweat of the converts, then he is a false guru. That is the most obvious means to detect fraud of this kind. But for those who understand the cosmic laws there are other ways.
For example, there is a law that any individual on the Earth plane must show on his physical form some sign or characteristic which identifies his true essence. The law is in conformity with the assertion that those who have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” can always find the truth by direct observation. Look at the face of the leader; look at his bodily structure. Does he have a serene, “happy” countenance, or is there something sinister about him? Is he grossly overweight—I mean to the point of obvious self indulgence, or is he crippled in some manner. Sometimes the crippling is the overweight itself. Now, don’t go off the deep end—I speak of grossness. Or, is that one maintained so perfectly in body form as to be obsessed with his appearance and vanity. Does his appearance give you any reason to doubt that he has only the best interests of the “race” at heart?
There are other areas to study as well. Has the leader ever been hounded through the courts, or banned from any country? Have any of the followers ever developed mental aberrations or schizophrenic traits as a result of their exposure to the movement? Do the spokesmen for the group want you, first and foremost, to give an appreciable sum of money or to take some expensive course as an introduction to the teachings? I speak here of personal gain for the leadership itself, of benefit only to a few “top” people. Does the movement offer mainly success in the physical world (money, business, love, power) rather than a deepening of the understanding or spiritual wisdom?
I stress that the seeker is always given ample clues to the true nature of any individual or movement. He need merely open his eyes and read the signals directly. They never lie. Always good, too, to look at “what” a leader might end up in court about—remember, Immanuel was harassed quite notably by a court of “justice”.
As we deal with the groups and movements which are intended to trap the unwary seeker, let us not miss the point. Most of these things are aided, abetted and encouraged by the energies of the DBBs which is not to say that the leaders or main instigators are, themselves, mere puppets of the dark ones.
In some cases this is true, but in the majority of such movements, the DB merely spurs on the innate negativity and greedy ego of the leader, prompting him to seek wealth through the movement, or control over others, or fame—just to stand out in wondrous “holy” garb and espouse pearls of wisdom—his! As to the souls who become entrapped by the movement, they too are influenced wherever possible by the DBBs, who are attempting to keep them locked up in a movement where they will not be able to use their enthusiasm and energy in reaching directly out to their brothers living so called “normal” lives. The idea is to trap the unwary seekers in a vortex, to take them out of the mainstream, and, in many cases, to bring about estrangement between the seeker and members of his own family, so that the energies of the seeker will be tied up in the emotional struggle and thus be unavailable to help his brothers.
There is, however, an additional phase to the efforts of the DB to deter the advancement of the race through side-tracking seekers. They know that those who are impelled to find a spiritual path through life are the best hope of the world, for these souls have the possibility of reaching many, many other souls through their words and deeds. Because such souls are so pivotal to the salvation of mankind, the DB desires above all else to cause them difficulty, to side-track their energies, and to sow confusion and contention between them. DO ANY OF THESE THINGS HIT ANY NAILS UPON THEIR HEADS?
In terms of causing the seeker difficulty in his life-pattern, the DBBs are permitted to insist that certain karmic burdens which such souls carry be discharged at a time convenient to the DB. In most cases, the petitions by the dark ones are granted, and the karma is allowed to fall upon the seeker. The exceptions are made when the seeker is at a sensitive phase of his quest, and has placed himself in a position from where he could accomplish much which would lead others to seek a higher way through life. Aside from these exceptions, as we say, most such requests are allowed. This is why certain souls who are clearly aware of higher Truth will from time to time be visited by misfortune that does not seem to be tied directly with lesson-learning, and which is not even indicated by the planetary positions.
I have already dealt with the question of side-tracking the energies of the seeker, and have explained that most of this is accomplished through the various movements now on the Earth and which act as “backwaters” into which the seeker can be trapped.
Finally there is the question of the attempts by the DBBs to sow confusion and dissension between seekers and/or workers. This is accomplished primarily through the telepathically or psychically transmitted material which has found its way into books. Naturally we, too, realize that our writings must be scrutinized in the light of the comments we are about to make and have made, but we have no doubt that the careful seekers will be able to make their own determination as to which source they feel is the more “correct” for them.
There are certain specific kinds of teachings which are precisely calculated to confuse the unwary. To explain the most important of these we must first point out what many seekers already well know; that the person and mission of the individual who was called the Christ should be regarded as the very summit of revealed Truth for mankind thus far.
Because of certain of His teachings—indeed, the simplest of the teachings—He represents a direct frontal attack upon the DB and all which they have attempted to accomplish in the millennia since the rebirth scheme was initiated. Specifically, by asserting that one should love one’s enemies, Christ presented the single most effective way to overcome the temptations of Earth life and to confound the whisperings of the DB. By looking on one’s enemies, or better, on all of creation—with pure love in one’s heart, all of the negative emotions, all of the enmities and frustrations of life, simply fade away. Without these annoying factors, the DBBs cannot succeed in their declared aim of dragging human souls down to destruction.
The DB knows full well that the Christ’s teachings in this regard are the single most effective means for gaining higher ground spiritually, and therefore, they seek in any way possible to undermine the reality of the figure of Christ and the validity of His message. This they do in two ways: the first is to cast doubt upon whether or not He ever lived on the Earth plane. There are certain so-called “messages” from other planes which contend that He was a reality on certain planes but not on the physical. Now, any who can understand that all of Creation is ONE, can surely perceive that if Christ was a reality on one plane, He must have manifested on all planes. To do otherwise would detract from the completeness of the message which His life represented.
Other transmissions contend that He was merely a man, and that there was nothing special about Him aside from the wisdom which He had attained through revelation or study. Again, this is intended to undermine the importance of His life, and to sow doubt as to whether He represented some special factor which had entered the Earth realm to live and walk with mankind. Well, He was merely a man who was greater than all men but He taught that any man could reach His stature and wisdom.
In short, any contention that Christ was less than a manifested special being whose life was dedicated to the spiritual upliftment of the human race, and who was overlighted during the ministry years by the pure Glory of the Father Creator, must be carefully scrutinized to see whether or not there is a deliberate attempt to detract from the importance of the Christian message (and I speak of the “Christian” message in full Truth of definition—not what it has become in your eons of misinterpretation).
Other supposed teachings from other planes are also directed to undermining the certainty and understanding of the seeker. For example, some sources contend that the passage of time is an illusion, that all lives are lived simultaneously, and that there is no real distinction between past, present and future. Now, in a certain sense which can only be understood from a vantage point which is outside of the physical plane, this contention is true. However, the result of trying to fully grasp this philosophical notion from within physical incarnation can only be total confusion—what you perceive is time allotments and that is exactly what you get.
The consciousness of man has been given to him in order to allow him to perceive time as a flow, so that he could understand the great Law of Cause and Effect. Man does A and the result is Z. This always takes place in that order, and is intended to allow a perception of the truth that man, by virtue of the thoughts and emotions he harbors, makes his own reality.
If this latter idea can be grasped, then the even higher purpose can be served, namely to allow each incarnated soul to understand itself.
The DBBs do not want man to understand all of the ramifications of what we will call Karmic Law, and they attack the possibility of such a grasp by trying to confuse the seeker with regard to “time”. If one concludes that the flow of time is an illusion, and that “all lives are lived simultaneously,” then how can existence from one life possibly affect another? But “karma” does pass from life to life. (Karma is another of your misused words which has lost most of its true definition, but I find no other suitable.) At the level where there are manifested results of these experiences, it is quite correct and certainly adequate to consider that one life precedes another in an orderly fashion and sequence. The reconciliation of the Earth-based point of view with the higher grasp of time as a single instant which is “pulled out” into a stream by man’s consciousness, must wait until the seeker has reached the spiritual plane from which these ideas can be seen in their full light.
Now for one other example of misleading teachings. There are sources which contend that the galactic observers now in the region of the Earth are not all friendly to mankind. There is the suggestion that some are distinctly alien and even hostile, and that certain of these beings kidnap humans and kill humans and animal life for experimental purposes.
It is difficult for us to present a line of argument which will fully set aside the fears that such messages engender, but I will most surely attempt to do so.
Firstly, it is true that not all of the civilizations in this galaxy are highly evolved in a technical and spiritual sense. Some are comparable to Earth civilization, which presently is at the very bottom of the scale due to the self-annihilation which mankind practices through war, violence and murder. However, the present phase of evolution of the galactic entity itself is such that only those civilizations which have attained a state of awareness of the cosmic laws and who have overcome the base passions which lead to war, tyranny and self-annihilation are allowed to develop the technical means which are necessary to permit them to move to other parts of the galaxy. The ones who remain imprisoned in their own negativity and violence must also remain prisoners of their own planets—just as do you ones.
Hence, the other unevolved civilizations in this galaxy are also confined to their own local region of space, because they are not allowed to develop the technological means for escaping. In the case of man, the minor successes in terms of reaching the moon are the maximum which can be achieved using the current technology. No space entity would defy the cosmic laws to go further. That does not mean that attempts have not been made to extract information from ones who fall into your clutches. It does mean, however, that you have more allies in place on your planet than you had supposed at first glance. The secret of free-energy (as you commonly recognize “energy”) will not fall into man’s hands so long as he threatens to pollute the rest of space with his hatred and his uncontrolled passions.
It thus follows that those civilizations that are able to make the journey to this part of the galaxy must be of an evolved nature, and this is true. If they were not, then with their vastly superior technology they could easily decimate this planet, kill all life, or set themselves up as absolute dictators (you do a good enough job of all those categories to not need assistance). No force known to humanity could stop them. BUT, THEY “ARE” STOPPED—BY THEIR OWN SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT. The galactic observers would never dream of attempting to interfere with man’s path on this planet. That law is over-ruled ONLY when a planetary civilization has descended so far into self-destruction—as man has done—that it threatens not only to destroy itself, but to poison or damage other regions of space in the bargain, not to mention destruction of his only life-source, mother planet.
Because man has been allowed to develop nuclear energy, there is a serious danger that, during the coming nuclear war—and there will be one—the explosions could actually damage the fabric of space itself. It is for this reason that the observers and participants are here in such numbers and remain on constant alert. Otherwise, we would wait until the allotted timing and do the Armageddon “thing” and get it all over with. We have a duty to the Galactic Being, namely to preserve it from damage committed knowingly or unknowingly, by humanity as it unleashes centuries of hatred and violence upon itself in the last death throes upon the Earth planet. At the same time we understand that we must be prepared to step in and rescue the noblest fraction of the race from the holocaust which man’s unevolved passions will unleash. Without the possibility of such a rescue, there is a danger that man really could accomplish the complete annihilation of himself and all other life-forms on the planet.
The aforementioned instances of misleading and confusing information will suffice to illustrate the efforts exerted by the DBB to detour seekers from their path. Only one further area remains to be discussed, and that relates to the “direct” attempts to physically interfere with the projects that seekers undertake in the service of their brothers.
Dharma, I realize you grow very fatigued and I will close when you make a decision to do so. I do not have much more for this session so I will leave it into your determination. Perhaps we could slow a bit and be able to finish.
I emphasize first of all that direct access to the physical plane of manifestation is extremely limited for the DBBs, as it is for the other more positive brotherhoods as well. The Law in this regard is that both they and we must primarily work through those who are in incarnation. Hence, the good that can be done in the world must ultimately depend on the willingness of incarnated individuals to put their time and energy into the endeavor. Likewise, the evil that manifests on the Earth plane must do so through the agency of those in bodies who are prepared to do the work of the DBBs. If all who are attuned to darkness should cease to inhabit physical bodies, the evil afflicting the Earth would disappear, because there would be no more instruments through which the DBBs could accomplish their aims.
The rule that governs direct influence in the plane of matter is simple to state: the energy required to accomplish a given interference within the three-dimensional, second density material plane is directly proportional to the amount of good or evil which that interference can accomplish. For example, if a given interference is directed to producing a clearly negative action—like a murder—the energy required from the DBBs to accomplish it directly (without one of their disciples being utilized) is enormous. Usually, unless they considered such an act indispensable to their cause, they would not be prepared to lose that amount of energy. Besides, it is not so difficult to find fanatics who will, say, plant a bomb aboard an airline. Now, on the other side, the force required to, say, cause a fire to suddenly emit a shower of sparks, for example, in order to jolt or frighten those sitting around it, is not nearly so great.
The main point which must be understood here is that they—and we—are under the Law of “Economy of Energy”, so to speak. This means that neither we nor they have access to limitless amounts of energy with which to seek our respective goals. If only one side were restricted in this way, and the other had access to as much energy as it required, then the battle would not be balanced. If both sides were given all of the energy they wanted to use, the Earth plane would turn into an arena in which discarnate forces battled ad infinitum, leaving no room for man to pursue his spiritual pilgrimage—or anything else. Hence, the only workable scheme is to limit both sides equally.
So, now some things to look out for. The DBBs utilize the creation of robot-like entities at the etheric level, programmed to directly interfere with reality. For example, if the DB wishes to delay the publication of a book, they could send such entities to the location where the actual printing is to take place, after programming them to cause break-downs and mistakes during the printing process. Mostly they will utilize thought pattern input to cause ones performing tasks to cause disruption or breakdowns. You may run into that very thing with these publications for the press prints some pretty low vibration material.
In order to create robots of the kind mentioned, the DBBs must actually donate a part of their own essence. When the job is completed, the essences are re-absorbed back into those who donated them. However, if the material going to create the robots should be destroyed by means known to certain seekers, before reabsorption can take place, then the re-combining cannot occur and the contributing DBB’s permanently lose the respective parts that sustained the destroyed etheric robots. I trust you understand that etheric means invisible to the human consciousness.
The technique for destroying such etheric entities is to command them, in the name of Jesus Christ, to disappear and to cease to exist. In the name of Immanuel Christ, or Sananda, or Creator, or, or, or is quite as sufficient. It is that for so long now, the term Jesus has been accepted that the name is most distasteful to the DBB’s. It is, further, not sufficient to order them simply to depart as that does not entail disintegration of the entity, only departure.
This is where you get the saying, “There are gremlins in the machinery,” if a machine keeps breaking down. There are also good little fairies so I do not wish to be lopsided. However, gremlins serve a very definite purpose and, brothers, those particular entities are originated on the dark side.
The DBBs can also manipulate many of the currents and elementary forces which are most attuned to them in vibration. For example, although the element “fire” is a great purifying power on the Earth plane, it is also attuned to the notion of karma, the trial by fire, and the destruction of that which is consumed. Especially when the fire is burning coal (coming from the darkness beneath the surface of the Earth) the DBB’s are enabled to manipulate it to their own ends. We should emphasize that such use of fire cannot be allowed to be kept outside of that called for in a karmic aspect, but the karmic burden of the race as a whole is still so great that the DB has great latitude in terms of how they may wish to use this elemental force.
Another process at work in relation to fire is the manner in which human beings provide the energies which manifest in many of the fires which destroy property. Fire is the phenomenon which most closely corresponds to rage and anger.
These connections of fire with anger are no accident. When any two persons indulge in a fierce argument, with much shouting and anger, but without giving full vent to the anger in a physical way, there is created at the etheric level a seething cloud of fire-like energy which seeks expression on the Earth plane. If it cannot find expression in violence between the two persons who created it, then it will, given the right circumstances, release itself in a destructive fire. Of course, some spark must be present to allow the fire to begin, but once it is initiated its full fury will manifest. If that type of energy is stored within, make sure you cleanse it with spiritual water, brothers.
Finally, the DBBs are able to literally take over certain persons for brief (or prolonged) periods of time, and through them carry out specific actions. This can even happen to those who are normally of a spiritual nature, if such persons open themselves up to the dark forces. Most opening up comes through over indulgence in alcohol for it is the one most abused altering substance. When one takes alcohol into the system, in any form, an access opens at the back of the head, through which the darker forces, if they put enough effort into it, can gain access. Let me assure you that in this group, any effort is not too much.
Much can be accomplished in a short time by one properly placed, and the DBBs will normally only undertake this procedure if it promises to yield rich dividends for them. In the instance of a couple, often years are lost to Light service because one or the other of the pair are kept in an addiction for that specific reason. Again, you must command the energy to withdraw and depart, in the name of the Christ. It will go for it is obligated to do so. It does not mean it will go willingly, without a struggle or instantly. However, if attended diligently it will depart—every time.
Although I have set forth the main techniques by which the DBBs seek to influence humans in incarnation, I must point out that there are many instances which do not fall into the categories I have described. In every case, however, the seeker or worker whose intuition is open, is alert and asks for proper guidance, will be able to decide for himself when the DBBs are behind any particular manifestation on the Earth plane—they are, remember, required to “wear” a clue.
Dharma, let us close for today for if we set the stress on the wrist muscles too intently, we will be delayed on the morrow. There is too much material to finish easily at this sitting.
I am most indebted to you for your willing service and I shall not mention Simon Peter again this day. So be it and Salu.
Transcribed into HTML format  by Rocky Montana