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MAY 30TH, 2015

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world and the Solar System in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, on May 30th this year. Many of us will gather and assist in the breakthrough of the Multidimensional Operations Solar System (MOSS) to support the Light forces which are now liberating our Solar System from the last vestiges of darkness.

In the past, many human beings were living as hostages in slavery in many of the colonies throughout the Solar System that belonged to various secret space programs. You can read a relatively accurate summary of those programs here:

In 2012, the Light forces have cleared our Solar System of all secret space programs and their colonies that were not directly protected by the Chimera group.

Unfortunately, a relatively small number of colonies and implant stations throughout the Solar System has been protected by Chimera's strangelet bombs and human beings are still living there in slavery and generally the extent of ritual abuse in these colonies surpasses what people have experienced on Earth.

These colonies are now in the process of being cleared by the Light forces in the current phase of the MOSS, and humans who were captured there are being liberated and given healing.


A very critical and sensitive part of the liberation operations will happen on Saturday, May 30th. The Light forces have asked for the support of the surface human population, so that the liberation operations proceed as smoothly and as peacefully as possible.
Our visualization and meditation will support the Light forces operatives in achieving that goal. We can do it! It needs to go viral! We need to reach many people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.
Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so what we are doing really does have an influence:

Our meditation will happen on May 30th, which is the point of maximum tension for the Solar System as you can see in this heliocentric astrological chart:

We will all be doing this activation at the same time, at 2 hours 11 minutes pm Pacific Daylight Time. This equals 3:11 pm MDT in Denver, 4:11 pm CDT in Chicago, 5:11 pm EDT in New York, 10:11 pm BST in London and 11.11 pm CEST in central Europe and on Sunday, May 31st at 5:11 am CST in Taipei.

You can view the exact time of the activation for many places here:


1.  Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

2. Visualize Light fores liberating all remaining secret space program colonies throughout the Solar System, freeing all sentient beings currently being captured there, and removing all dark entities from all those locations. Visualize this process taking place throughout the whole Solar System peacefully and smoothly. Visualize our Solar System finally being free from darkness and slavery, free from all evil beings and corrupt entities.

3. Visualize bright new future for our Solar System, with all different cosmic races living there in peace and harmony. Visualize humanity being introduced to the vastness of our Solar System, humans enjoying its beauty, traveling from moon to moon and planet to planet in vessels of Light.

I have been waiting for this moment for more than 15 years. So much time has passed since the liberation of planet X! With joy, I can finally transmit this coded message to the key persons in the colonies:

L4/Light is ON

After all the colonies are liberated, the Light forces will convert buildings and infrastructure of those places for the benefit and enjoyment of humanity, which will be able to visit those locations after the First Contact. The colonies will be thus transformed from places of suffering into places of joy. There are already projects of the Light forces behind the scenes to prepare humanity for this:

The Breakthrough for our Solar System is here, Earth comes next!

Updates about the Free the Colonies! activation:

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Fwd: Freedom at Last: The Annunaki Contract is Ended

Freedom at Last:  The Annunaki Contract is Ended


It is the middle of the night, and I have awakened Kathryn to ask her to take down this message to all of you.  Here in the Company of Heaven, we have just met to discuss a monumentally important event, and it was decided we should get the news to you as quickly as possible.

This past day, Saturday, May 16, 2015, in the Temple of Light
there was a
​         ​
nal shift
that will affect all humankind.  In what would seem by most people to be an impossible coincidence, it was possible to bring together three of the key players
who could undo something that was done thousands of years ago.  I will explain by describing how it came about.

A beautiful young woman, whose name I will not reveal at this moment, contacted Kathryn to ask her for a private meeting
to discuss something of importance.  She was not exactly sure why, but she had been nudged by her "intuition" to call Kathryn for a session.  She had written to say she did not feel an affinity for the Visual Centering practice, but perhaps a channeling session would reveal what she felt called to discover.

Kathryn tuned in to her reluctance and as soon as their Skype session began, she joked with "Ella" about her comment, and began to explain to her why the Visual Centering was the quickest way to make contact with her Higher Self, her Twin, and with God.  It creates the strong connection between the diamond center in the brain, the heart and the solar plexus (will), to help establish balance, a sense of command, and personal integrity.  As she looked deeply into Ella's eyes, and her soul, Ella began to move away from the fixed position she had held in her brain at times of fear or anticipation.

She began to clear the inner Light channel from her crown, down through her brain, heart, solar plexus, all the way to her feet and into the center of the Earth.  She was then shown to reach upward to connect with Mother and Father, completing the circuit that puts you all in the Light.  With her Light channel open, like a tiny thread of Life connecting her to All That Is, she struggled to focus, falling again and again into a state of semi-consciousness, as if she would faint.  At these times, her eyes would go dead and lifeless, as if a switch had been turned off in her brain.

They continued to work, and little by little, Ella was able to hold on for moments, expanding her Light channel to take in more Light from Mother and Father, feeling their Love pouring down on her.  As she took command of her own faculties, and the sense of joy at being connected began to sparkle in her eyes, the computer screen went blank.  They re-established the connection and began again, focusing, feeling her sense of command, and expanding her Light channel to take in more.  Each time she began to consciously take hold with real gusto, she would then immediately lose her grip and fade into the faint, or if she managed to hold on for long seconds, the screen would again go blank.

This process of deep concentration and the application of sheer will, trying again and again, allowed Ella to get the feel of how she got a grip on herself, and how she let go.  She also acknowledged that it was she who was probably breaking the electrical connection at the moment of triumph
when she felt truly alive and aware. She then "put her foot down," literally and psychologically, and with each try she became more determined and more skillful at keeping the hold on herself and her precious channel of Light.

Kathryn called in Christine, followed by Faith and Jade, the two young women who are living with them, so the whole family could see how Ella was by then able to demonstrate how it looked when she fainted, and how she pulled herself out of it.  It was a familiar process to all of them, having practiced this same focusing work, and having felt the same tendency to faint and let go.  The young women were still feeling the struggle to maintain their hold, sometimes falling into what Jade called her "ghoul" state of lifelessness and negativity.

Together they practiced, watching Ella closely, each one adding their sense of determination and joy at finding the Light within them.  As all reached the point of triumphant command, Christine said, "Ella, I am being shown that you carry the key to unlock this for all.  When you are able to free yourself, together with Faith and Jade, you are the key to releasing all humankind from this...Faith and I have been working in the next room to do this very exercise, and asking Mother and Father to free her and all humans from this thing that causes them to lose their hold on themselves and fall all the way back into a state of complete forgetfulness, where they suddenly can't remember the Love and Light that was so real to them a moment before."

In fact, it was just before this session that Kathryn had sat with Christine and appealed to Mother and Father to please free all humankind from this terrible defect that keeps humans imprisoned in their own thoughts, this thing that seems to disconnect them from the ability to see and feel the Love and brilliant Light around them.  It plunges people - even the most determined Lightworkers - back into the negative programming of doubt, helplessness, victimhood and rage, in various shades of intensity, every time they begin to break free.

Kathryn had appealed to Mother and Father and the Council, to allow the restoration of our DNA, the upgrade needed to correct this flaw in our system, which caused people to be unable to ask for what they needed because they could not see they needed it.  The damage of thousands of years of abuse and systematic programming did not allow humankind to even realize there was a block in their thinking and feeling patterns - this block which prevents them from realizing it when they begin to confuse what is real with what is imaginary.  She was told by Mother that there was still a free will issue to be addressed.

The pieces began to fall together for them, as Christine and Kathryn felt the dramatic shift taking place in Ella, Faith and Jade.  Christine received the information, which came in waves, that it was the original contract between the dark Sisters and the Annunaki
they were now bringing to completion.  It had been agreed long ago that humankind would allow an element on their DNA to be suppressed in order to experience separation from Source.  They had been falsely convinced this would give them more varied and expansive experiences during their Earth incarnations.  In fact, it made them more vulnerable to the control and programming of the dark Masters.

Nevertheless, the agreement was signed by all who were to come to Earth in human form.  The alteration in the strands of the double helix created a distortion in the brain and body of humans which interfered with the direct processing of signals from the environment and from higher dimensions.  It created interference with humankind's ability to experience their own multi-dimensionality and their connection to higher dimensional
eings.  It was this distortion that caused people - especially those who had been raised with fear - to resist, even reject loving assistance from others and to mistrust Love and Light itself.

The group working together saw this effect in themselves:  Every attempt to raise their own vibration, through experiencing loving and joyful connection with Mother and Father and each other, caused an unexpected plunge into its opposite: mistrust, negativity, and isolation.  It was apparent that the three young women suffered from the same deficit, and so they took it on together.  Kathryn guided them to see in their mind's eye the DNA spiral with the spot on the ladder that had been turned off.  It lit up as a red signal - the location of the original mis-creation.  They focused on that place, healing and restoring it to its original purpose and function.

The result was exhilarating, thrilling for all of them.  They beamed and jumped for joy at their new freedom.  Christine heard me transmitting to her the story of their success, and the extent to which this was a
that would benefit all mankind.  It was a
because of what they had done, and who these incarnated
ouls were - the long-suffering incarnations of the Archangel Sisters
who had fallen into the delusions of darkness
so long ago.  They had finally broken free of their Higher Selves
and had claimed their own free will birthright to live in the Light.

You see, without the conscious knowledge of what they were creating, this group of courageous women had come together to restore themselves.  In so doing, they initiated a shift that has now been proclaimed in the Higher Realms:  Humankind is now declared by Mother and Father, our Creators, to be restored to wholeness.  No one will be subjected to this crippling handicap, ever again, and those on Earth now are hereby freed of this ages-long deficit.
This declaration is finally able to be brought to fruition because the following conditions have at last been met:

 1. At least three (the number of creation) of the human incarnates of the fallen souls who had been the original creators and signers of the contract
must ask for it to be nullified,
 2. They must be those who agreed to experience the alteration themselves,
 3. They must come together, in human form, to initiate the restoration of their own DNA before it can be done for the rest of humankind.

This seemingly impossible feat - that those who have been suppressed to such a degree that they cannot see their own damage
must demand their own healing - has at last been accomplished.  Two of the incarnated souls who had been under the control of their Higher Selves and had finally broken free of their control, met with the one who carried the key codes to unlock the original contract.  Standing firmly in their
onsciousness, they jointly demanded their freedom, and so it has been done.

We celebrate with all of you, beloved Brothers and Sisters, as this torturous chapter of the long climb out of darkness for the people of Planet Earth finally comes to an end.  You can feel the rising energies all around you, can you not?  Each
eing on the planet is being lifted with the tuning vibrations
into a higher level of consciousness.  The effect will be felt immediately by those who are awakened, and many who are not.  Colors will look brighter, people will look different, negative feelings will subside, and psychic abilities will come flowing back.  Your realization of who you really are and why you are here will come glimmering out of the mist, and you will claim your own innate abilities in a new and delightful way.

We are in wonder and in awe of all of you who have forged ahead in spite of the deficits you were saddled with, who have been faithful and resolute in your Faith
in spite of the tide of
eligion and
ressure that has weighed you down.  You have raised the Light quotient, sent your healing energies to Terra and to those in need, and you have done it all in spite of overwhelming odds.

It is not an Experiment we will choose to repeat, because of the terrible losses and suffering it caused, but it has certainly ignited many of you to reach new heights of strength and determination.  We honor your courage and your selfless service.  Lightworkers everywhere, know that you have made a difference, and that you are an integral part of the moment of completion that was achieved this day.

We love you one and all,

I am your Sananda, together with Mother/Father Source and the entire Company of Heaven.

By Kathryn E. May, PsyD, May 17, 2015

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 5/12/2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 5/12/2015
2 Eb, 10 Moan, 11 Ik
Selamat Balik! We come now with more information on what is occurring across your globe. At present, those committees assigned to bring forth various components that are to oust the dark cabal from power are reporting success in carrying out their duties. When we first arrived en mass over two decades ago, this world was still under the full authority of the Anunnaki and their dark minions. These various groups as well had the great resources of the Ancharans at their command. By the middle of the first decade, the Ancharans and the Anunnaki had left. The minions were suddenly cast asunder. Out of these dire circumstances came their initial replies. Their lieutenants just stole the 2000 US election, created 9/11 and began wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. That was their high point. Since then, their power began to fade and now it is practically gone. Our various earthly allies are nearly ready to ease them from their long occupied perches. You are to see this shortly and when you do become aware of how long the process took. Those brave individuals and groups who are now doing this are in fact, global heroes to all.
These activities are not to be known until the final actions are complete. Thus, it is important that each of you remain aware of what is happening “behind the scenes.” Over the past few months, the ability of the US Federal Reserve Bank to operate with full immunity has ended. Likewise, the US Federal Reserve note (the dollar) has come under a full-scale attack, which is starting to undermine it. These notes are to be replaced in the very near future by special US Treasury notes. The world financial system, which is to replace the current corrupt system, is rapidly moving into place among the world’s central banks. This new monetary system is to be one in which a series of national reserves are globally to replace the dollar. This is to happen after the revaluation of a number of key currencies, which in turn will force a global monetary reset to take place. These things are presently happening and are nearly ready to be announced. These new currencies are to tie in with a global need to fund the development of infrastructure and the rise of new governance and worldwide prosperity.
These numerous alterations to your global societies are just the first step in applying your growing consciousness to your expanding reality. Most of you were born into a reality where only a few possessed the money and power to bend that reality to their will. This kind of power needs to be something, which is the innate right of all. All of the currency and banking transformations that you daily hear of are really pointing out that this present reality is in fact a distorted one. As a group, you require a means to remedy this freakish distortion and return this reality to a point where real global change can occur. This is what our earthly allies are now in the process of doing. Once this happens, you can then truly start to alter rapidly the very nature of how this reality operates. At that time, we and other fully conscious Beings, can intervene and provide a way to return you to your families in Heaven and in the stars. This process, of course, implies that those who now “rule” be deposed of their wealth and positions of power over you.
In this new world, you are to complete your transformation in consciousness. It is a world without money, banking or the need to look up to someone else for your direction. You are to be guided inwardly by your conscience (your heavenly guides) and by the wisdom, which you acquire simply by living your life with others. This collective wisdom is governed in our reality by the Four Societal Laws. These Laws guide us to constantly monitor how we interact with others and how we grow organically. We find joy in guiding our lives on a path, which emphasizes our divine service to each other and gives us a wise method to solve collectively any problem that our society can possibly encounter. Fluid management is how each of our societies can come together and mutually serve the Light. It honors all of us and permits us to freely see each other in a true and honoring Light. Therefore, each of us lives our lifetimes with the means to honor Heaven and see ourselves as others do. We learn just how we are simultaneously both individuals and a grand intertwined collective.
Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Long ago, we were designated by Heaven to gradually guide surface humanity back to full consciousness. Heaven advised us that this process was to take well over ten millennia to accomplish. At first our numbers were quite small. At the dawn of the modern era, we numbered less than one hundred. Over the last millennia, this number grew to well over 10,000. We come together as a group in divine service to use our abilities to help, comfort and bless you. We have always been under the divine guidance of an earthly heavenly Administration whose main purpose is to bless and assist surface humanity. Heaven decreed that this mission was to accelerate greatly when Gaia approached the time for your sacred transformation back into full consciousness. Until then, we were to be your blessed servants and be able to provide gently the means for you to continue faithfully on your path toward the Light.
This service continues on as we with Love and Light, comfort you and guide you toward your divine destiny. The dark, until it finally changed in the middle of the last decade of the 20th century, was determined to extinguish those parts in you that make this transformation possible. It was our efforts on your behalf that prevented the dark from claiming your humanity as another of its vast multitude of victims. We praise each of you for your strength and forbearance in greatly aiding us in this task. Together, we are now to defeat the dark and reunite with our family both inside Gaia and throughout Heaven and this galaxy. We are grateful to our space family for their service to this cause and for the shelter provided to us by Agartha. This time is one that all of us have waited for. We are to end the amnesia and the separation imposed upon us by the dark and its earthly allies.
You are entering a time where a positive attitude and much thoughtful patience is a great blessing. Look inside daily and feel the changes Heaven is giving you. These are preparations for what your body and soul need to embrace as this reality transforms into the Light. These changes are part of what is currently leading to new realities. These are the preliminaries to a true return to our former roles as physical Angels. Humanity is thus daily arriving at our doorstep as part of this most blessed process. The time for a grand meeting and celebration grows closer with every day. We bless you for letting your wondrousness show through. We are a race of people who were “done in” by the Atlanteans and now, we are to rise in triumph from disasters imposed upon us by the heinous endeavor of the dark. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Together, we have reached the very edge of a new day! We ask you to stay positive and to realize just how close you are to the end of a most tragic reality. We ask that you take this message and use your inner power to make this most wonderful reality manifest and manifest now! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Planetary Activation Organization

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother/Source Puts Her Foot Down, with the Company of Heaven at Her Side.

This week we will be broadcasting on Saturday, May 9th at 2 PM EDT instead of our usual Wednesday show.  Mother God will speak of the decision to create a course change in Earth's wavering trajectory by putting her foot down concerning the attacks on Lightworkers in recent years.  No dark elements will be allowed free reign any longer.  Hear it in her own words, through Kathryn.
What a celebration!  This very special Saturday show has been planned by the Company of Heaven to bring you up to date on developments in the Universe.
The Masters on our show will help to provide an enhanced field to help you reach through the Veil to break through to new connections with Higher Dimensions.
Come share this exciting show.  You will be amazed when you hear what is being prepared for you.
Looking forward to connecting with our Family of Light,
Kathryn and the Team

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sirian Utility Wear and Operational Protective Measures - by Col. Drekx Omega

Sirian Utility Wear and Operational Protective Measures - Metraknen Venabu and Veleto by Drekx Omega
Selamat balik,
As I stated in one of my parallel blogs, which covered events of the Rendlesham "UFO" incident, Sirians use personal hover-suits, deployed in a triad, when engaged in dangerous diplomacy....
During the Rendlesham event of 1980, ET liason personnel were protected from physical harm, during tense negotiations, within exo-skeletal, personal hover-suits and wore a type of "wrap around" eye shade, of a style almost identical to the large eyes of the Zeta race, albeit, those naturally small beings wear black contact lenses over their natural almond-shaped eyes...In contrast, Sirians are humanoids and do not possess eyes as large and wraparound, as those of the Zetas...Their "sun glasses" do cause earth witnesses to assume though, that they are of that well-known race, on occasion..
Such a personalized roving device ("veleto") for dangerous diplomatic missions, is bullet proof and explosion proof and used by reduced-size ETs...It has a helmet, which allows cybernetic control by it's ET occupant and will glide gracefully beyond the ship, to meet the military liason reps. That veleto control helmet appeared to Airman Larry Warren, as if the ETs had "vast craniums." However, fellow USAF witness, Adrian Bustinza, did not assume this to be the case and recognised a little more of the actual detail, than Warren did.....
Note that "veletos" are deployed in threes, as the scoutships, likewise, deploy in defensive triad formations..
Under the veleto, standard jumpsuits are worn and in accord with GFL colour-coding, personnel of the Sirian star nation (akanowai dajoie) wear white.
Sirian wording for their white-toned and smooth to the touch, special jumpsuits, is "metraknen venabu." This literally translates as utility wear.....Their white high boots are of the same smooth fabric as the suit, itself...The belts are "military style," worn over the navel and around the waist...Sirians do not carry comms devices, but use telepathy....But they do carry healing and monitoring devices, hand held, which can be attached to belts...
Sometimes neuralizer weapons are carried on belts and these are small compact metallic baton-shaped devices, which protect against attack by hostiles...Like the fictional Star Trek, they are often set for "stun."
The material the boots, suits and belts are made of is tough like earth military-issue kevlar...but much, much lighter....It is skin tight, but allows perfect breathing of the skin.....No zips, buttons or fastenings, it is removed and placed on, by hand gestures over special imbedded sensors....located in the chest area...These suits are adaptable to outside temps and regulate, accordingly....If you were in a -40 degrees celsius environment, you would be warm, apart from head and hands....However, there are also special metallic helmets for protection too and gloves...As stated already, they use special goggles, when near T-MAT transfer ready landed scout ships and probes...This prevents opti-retinal burns exposure...
Normal landings and departures do not require this protection, though....When craft deploy tripod landing legs..
Bullet proof, acid proof, NBC proof and also fire and freeze proof.....The material of the "metraknen venabu." is extremely versatile, and makes these jumpsuits standard issue for all Sirian personnel on active service duties....
Unlike earth jet pilot pressure suits, Sirian jumpsuits do not require to take the stress of G-force in flight, as there is none.....No on board inertia, during even the most amazing 45 degree turns and zig-zagging aerobatics....
We hope you found this of interest....
A couple of points of note, the artwork depicted above shows a Sirian couple, in fairly well rendered jumpsuits, but the belts shown are too narrow. The second point is that the landed craft in the background is a Plejaren beamship, rather than a Sirian craft.
Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie....!!
Col. Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew (Eastern England Sector)
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 5/5/2015

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 5/5/2015
8 Chicchan, 3 Moan, 11 Ik
Dratzo! We come excited about what is happening on your world. Our liaisons report that great progress is being made on setting up a secure and reliable system for the global transfers of your many different types of humanitarian and prosperity funds. These funds are currently concluding what has been a long and circuitous process to ensure their safe delivery to you. This month is beginning to shape up as the time when these funds can be safely given to you. This operation is to ready a number of other groups that are designated to change some governments and declare NESARA to be in effect. These circumstances are to be the much-needed preliminaries for disclosure and for the Ascended Masters to announce their schedule for a series of very important teachings. These various lessons are to be the foundation for what we intend to tell you. Our team has literally spent years honing the best way to tell you of our existence and what your ascension is to entail. We are as well to begin to explain how our many mentors are to operate among you. It is vital that you have an excellent understanding of how your ascension is to happen and how you are to learn the necessary galactic etiquette.
Thus, this coming time is quickly to create a great deal of concept-altering events. It is to seem much like when the American nation was first born in 1781. It is difficult for you in this day and age to envision such a great turn-around. Your former beliefs are mostly to be altered by events that are to appear in an ever-dizzying sequence. We know just how strange this is to appear to you. In a very brief period, you are to be thrown into what can seem like a new world. We ask that you be prepared by assuming in your mind just how odd things are to get. Imagine, government that you have long taken for granted gone in the twinkling of an eye. Imagine, we suddenly change from a seeming apparition to a grand reality. Imagine, the open worldwide appearance of the Ascended Masters! All of this is just the beginning. There is to be proof given of a hollow Earth and you are to see the Agarthans make their public appearances among you. You are suddenly to be thrust from starting to be Planetary Humans to swiftly ascending to Galactic Humanhood!
As you can see, your immediate future is to change drastically the reality you now reside in. To us, it is a fact that you are to re-acquaint yourselves with those who regularly come to assist you from Heaven and with us. We are your spiritual and space families. We temporarily lost you when the Atlantean scientists dropped you into limited consciousness. Now, we await your prophesied return to full consciousness. In the interim you have been ruled over by the Anunnaki, and recently only by the dark minions appointed long ago by these same Anunnaki. These dark cabals are reaching the very end of their power over you. When Heaven reconnected with you nearly 13 millennia ago, Heaven selected special Souls to begin to supervise and guide the time and method of your re-connection. At present, these are primarily your many Ascended Masters. These holy ones have graciously assisted us ever since we first came here. You are presently in the final stages before you fully return to us. The beginning of all this is, of course, the spreading of a worldwide prosperity.
The present time is thus a series of rapid advances followed by a slight slowdown. This stop and start reality is presently ending. The coming time is to be highlighted by the rise of NESARA and the end of a long era when most governments were run by an oligarchy-dominant environment. This is to be replaced by a reality in which truth and transparency are the rule. In this environment, you are to be able to ensure that government primarily represents you. We are to come and permit you to employ your currently sequestered technologies and those that we intend to provide. Using these, you can cure disease and stabilize your environment. That is, you can rid your water, land and air of all the pollution, which you have plastered her with for the past two millennia. Gaia is to be most pleased with these actions. We ask that you as well take the time to repair all the damage caused by your constant mining, farming and fishing that your global societies did to survive. The new technologies permit you to do so. The remaining structures are to be destroyed by the coming Earth changes!
Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to clarify further what our blessed brothers in space have told you. At present, we are readying the final points of the operation that is to bring you our sacred blessings. Decades ago, we started to recruit those to enlist many of you in a prosperity program. At first this program was muddled in the struggle set up between the Light and the dark on this world. Decade after decade failed to bring a successful resolution to this dilemma. Then in the past few months our associates and our Agarthan friends proposed a possible solution. After much deliberation, a way to deliver was set up and briefly acted upon. This possibility failed to permit a full delivery. More discussions with our many allies have now reached the means to bring you your blessings. Hence, during this month, the Light is prepared to force the dark to allow mass deliveries to occur. We wish to thank our spiritual and space families for their most gracious assistance!
When these various deliveries are finally completed, the reality that you live in is to be completely changed. New governance added to a new transparent financial system is to open opportunities for you to restyle your perceptions about how these human societies work. It is our blessed intent to give a series of special lessons on the truths behind the formation of your so-called religious philosophies. Many changes were caused by those who shaped and created what you now deeply believe. To be truly free, you need to open your minds to what actually happened centuries and millennia ago. When we first achieved immortality, we went to a special place to train for our respective missions. Here, we learned what really happened long ago. We now wish to pass on what we jointly learned. These series of truths can help you to prepare for what is to happen shortly.
At present, you are moving through times when one health crisis is followed by yet another. All of this is how Heaven is blessedly moving you toward full consciousness. Most of the sacred reasons for this are usually explained to you. You need to have one who you trust to explain this in detail. What first the Atlanteans and then the Anunnaki did was part of a vast conspiracy to leave you in a smoky amnesia about your origins. What is most needed is a detailing of why each part of their complex puzzle was put into place. As we do this, you can unravel how you were deceived and manipulated. Armed with such evidence, you can better absorb what is to happen in the very near future. You are to discover just how broad this deception really was. Therefore, do not judge the future by what you are to know. Use this wisdom to assure a better and brighter time for all!
Today, we continued our weekly messages. Take the time after reading this to thank Heaven for its gracious dispensations. Realize how much energy has already been put into moving this reality from the dark into the Light. Be ready to join others in supporting the Light and in bringing the grand prosperity to all! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)
Planetary Activation Organization