Thursday, April 9, 2015

Astounding Whistleblower Revelations on the REAL ET Picture on Planet Earth

The information in this article from Michael Sala/GoodETxSG/Corey/Luke paints a complex and possibly dark picture of recent Earth history.
Not one but FIVE secret space programs. FIVE—as detailed by Corey in this piece.
I think we knew that we were privy only to the agreed upon intel the powers-that-were granted—much of it disinfo. Now we’re seeing the fleshing out of the details so we can see the ‘big picture’.
I think we probably also knew that any technology we learned of was going to be “old”. The current stuff is way above top secret.
While it may be difficult for some new Truthers to swallow, I think this provides a new baseline from which to assess the current situation we are dealing with, and to understand why life is the way it is, and why the powers-that-were employed such drastic measures, including murder, to keep the truth from being revealed to Humanity.
But come out it will, and the true picture can give us hope that there are powerful forces at work in the Universe and more specifically our galaxy, to banish the dark ones and free Earthlings once and for all.
Unfortunately, it makes it even more difficult to know whose UFOs we’re seeing in our skies—but not for long!
I’m very grateful to our “new” whistleblower for coming out of the shadows and sharing with us. I don’t think we can see the Universe in the same way after this. No more high school for us! We have graduated to Univers-ity.   ;0)   ~ BP

According to a new whistleblower claiming to have worked with multiple secret space programs, the complexity of programs, technologies and their dynamic interrelations is far greater than anything previously revealed. The overall scope of information “Corey” (aka GoodETxSG/Luke), is revealing on these secret space programs appears destined to dwarf anything released by prior whistleblowers. Already according to David Wilcock, who has spent 22 years researching whistleblower testimony on extraterrestrial life and the secret space program(s), Corey  “knew almost as much as all the others had told me combined.”
In an earlier article, I gave a summary of the information “Corey” has released through his website, internet forums and interviews with David Wilcock. In order to better understand and assess Corey’s controversial claims since writing the summary article, I sent him a set of questions by email on April 4 seeking clarification on various secret space program issues raised in continued discussions on internet forums. He kindly responded to the questions revealing more intriguing details and insights on these increasingly complex issues.
Among Corey’s core claims is that the oldest of up to five rival secret space programs to emerge in the modern era, “Solar Warden”, contains more dated technologies but has a greater dedication to humanity’s long term interests. Those in charge of Solar Warden have decided to leak information about the existence of secret space programs by, for example, allowing their spacecraft to be photographed by the International Space Station.
These pro-disclosure actions along with “service-to-other” activities has made the Solar Warden program the most suitable candidate for a powerful new group of highly evolved extraterrestrials that has allegedly entered into our solar system which has significantly changed the dynamic between rival space programs, and their respective relations with visiting extraterrestrial civilizations and older ancient human space programs.
The “Sphere Alliance,” according to Corey, directly deals only with the Solar Warden program among the five “modern” space programs; and is seeking to assist humanity in a series of conferences whereby private citizens meet secret space program representatives in a secure environment. The second of these exodiplomacy conferences occurred on April 5 according to Corey, the details of which he says he will soon announce.
As described in my earlier summary article, there is no concrete evidence substantiating Corey’s controversial testimony. His responsiveness to people’s questions, attention to detail and consistency helps raise confidence in the veracity of his claims. I have found his willingness to promptly respond to people’s questions, including my own, a clear sign of his sincerity. More importantly, his decision to have his identity revealed in upcoming video interviews with David Wilcock suggests he is willing to stand great public scrutiny at great personal and professional cost.
Wilcock recently explained his own rigorous screening efforts regarding Corey’s testimony and that he found nothing awry. Wilcock went as far concluding the he “can personally vouch for the authenticity of his [Corey’s] information.” That’s quite an endorsement from someone who has for over two decades been working with an extensive number of whistleblowers and researchers.
Given Corey’s claim that he was age and time-regressed in his earlier service with the secret space program, it’s unlikely that any hard evidence or documentation will be found to corroborate his prior covert space service. However, his more recent claims of being physically taken to conferences organized by the Sphere Alliance can be verified if other attendees step forward. So far none of the alleged 70 other private individuals attending the first conference have come forward. That may change, especially as more conference events are held.
The complexity of the narrative Corey has developed about Earth’s secret space program(s) and breakaway civilization(s) appeals to some, but raises red flags for others. A common psychological warfare tool is to mix lots of false information with genuine information to hide the truth in plain sight. Indeed, Gordon Duff, founder of the popular website Veterans Today, claims that as much as 40% of the information released about the secret space program, is disinformation designed to protect sources and methods.
Is Corey’s testimony part of an elaborate psychological warfare operation; or is he revealing the truth about genuine unfolding events involving multiple secret space programs and extraterrestrial visitors? Those that have met and communicated with Corey are impressed by his sincerity and willingness to expose himself to criticism by stepping forward. The information Corey has released so far is consistent with what other whistleblowers have revealed as Wilcock has concluded. The level of information that Corey has released certainly has the potential of transforming life as we know it on the planet. Will his information stand the test of public scrutiny as his identity is revealed and due diligence is conducted on his claims? Hopefully the following email exchange will help the reader begin their own journey in assessing the veracity of Corey’s claims.
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