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>>Northern<< Jade Helm 15

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While everyone is focused on the South and rightly so,
not enough are focusing on the North.
There is a lot of military movement as well in the Northern states
that we all should be paying attention to.  <<has the latest on what is going on up North.
Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).
You can contact JJ by using this form.

The information presented within this article is in follow-up to the activities observed by the author in relation to U.S. Military maneuvers taking place on the Canadian Border in Montana.  Since the first article was printed, a tremendous amount of comments, e-mails, and observations have trickled
in to supplement the observations.  Please take note: all commentators and information providers will be kept anonymous and their identities withheld. 
The area the observations were made will be the only thing provided.

COLUMBUS, MONTANA.  Night helicopter activity around the Columbus, MT area has been observed.  The reporter resides approximately fifteen miles outside of town and heard helicopter sorties flying a few times each week for the past 3 weeks. Most often it is just after sunset but some were observed in the early morning hours before dawn.  Many small planes were observed circling the area overhead during the day, making 3-5 passes and then departing for an hour or two before returning.  The observer did not notice any such activity when originally moving into the area the year before.

BUTTE, MONTANA.  The observer noticed 3 airlifts into Butte Airport in May with C-17’s.  Such was completely unprecedented.  Multiple pallets were off-loaded from these aircraft each time, with the observer providing unconfirmed reports that these contained crew-served ammunition, transferred to storage facilities on site.  Multiple C-130 operations concurrently with “local” security contracting company that is well-known in Butte.  Parachute drops and airborne operations were conducted for 3 different days, and one of the aircraft remained there the entire week.  The other operations with the 130’s involved only the transfer of cargo.

CARSON/DENVER, COLORADO. Observer reported Ft. Carson utilizing 4000 troops to Trinidad County for maneuvers.  Frequent Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters have been conducting flyovers during the day around Denver.  The observer reported speaking with Apache pilots who told him their role was to “practice resupply and intercept,” although the intended object of interception was never specified.

KILA, MONTANA.  Multiple C-130 flights observed originating with Glacier International Airport and flying NW at approximately 4-6000 feet.  Distribution was 3 aircraft during the day, and 3 at night, in staggered formation to suggest potential practice for airborne operations.  Flights observed over a 3-day period (6/12-6/14).  Observer noticed (for the day flights) through high-powered optics that all of the aircraft bore U.S. Insignia; however, they were “sterile” of fin numbers and unit designations.

TREGO, MONTANA.  Observer noticed what appeared to be a platoon-sized element of individuals hiking around in the National Forest in black BDU’s, and upon closer inspection the observer found all of them to be Asian in appearance with no unit patches, name tags, or any identifiable markings.  The men were armed with black AK-47’s, load carrying vests, sidearms, and grenades.  The element appeared to be “led” by two members of the U.S. Military, also in sterilized U.S. Uniforms and also heavily-armed.  When questioned, a U.S. Border Patrol agent materialized and warned the observer to move out of the area or face arrest.

EUREKA, MONTANA.  Two observers reported seeing a large column of 2 1/2 ton/Deuce-and-a-half type vehicles, Desert Camouflage colored with U.S. Army Personnel on board but with the normal bumper marker identifiers taped over with “100 mph” tape, and on some vehicles blacked out completely with spray paint.  The observers (while following) noted the column was permitted to cross the border into Canada unimpeded and not inspected by Canadian or U.S. Border patrol officers.  Movement occurred Sat., 6/13.

There has also been considerable activity in the areas of transport, supply, and logistics both in and around Glacier International Airport just north of Kalispell, Montana.  Numerous flights of C-130’s were observed landing from the direction of East-West, suggestive of Malmstrom AFB in Montana.  The 130’s off-loaded numerous pallets and crated supplies.  There were several pallets that were placed in hangars and later a half dozen rental trucks (U-Haul) visited the terminal, specifically the building where the supplies were taken from the aircraft.

The author notes that the sorties in his area are up to 5-6 per day and holding at 3 per night, but now with increased numbers of choppers (6-8 minimum), all Blackhawks with an occasional UH-1 flying not in formation, but paralleling it.

Other observers who wished their exact locations withheld (but generally all within the Flathead valley) have been reporting small groups of foreigners (Russians, Canadians, and others not able to be positively identified, but definitely from Europe) in partial uniforms, such as BDU bottoms with black or tan tops and sans markings or unit insignia.  Again, these individuals were accompanied by U.S. servicemen in sterile uniforms (American BDU’s).

Once again, any information that you can provide will be analyzed and presented in a fashion as to provide some timely reporting on things observed while maintaining anonymity.  Photos and short film clips are also greatly welcomed.  It is imperative that focus be maintained on the whereabouts and activities of these military units and any foreign troops, agents, or contractors they have in their employ.  Keep up the good work and keep the information flowing.  We need it while we can still get it.  More information to be followed as we post it here.  Stay in the fight and God Bless you.

Dr. William Mount: Aerial Spraying: Who, What, Why and Where They Live

William Mount
       Aerial Spraying: Who, What, Why and Where They Live

        Sun Jun 21, 2015

Following is a video explaining who is spraying us, where they live, what they are spraying us with and why they are spraying us.

Any questions?

Please pray - visualize - that those planes spraying us wit toxic material have their electrical instruments burn out in the sky so they must land their planes immediately.

Aerial Spraying: Who, What And Why - YouTube

Dr Will Wilson is right - focus you mind to stop these people from spraying us.

Aerial Spraying: Who, What And Why - YouTube

Published on Jun 21, 2015
The 60th Air Wing out of Fairchild AFB, the 9/10th Air Wing (Renamed) out of Ohama, Nebraska are spraying us with Aluminum, Beryllium, Mercury, Viruses, Fungi, Bacteria and Parasites to both kill us and change our DNA and make us sick.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - NASA Lied Again - No Fireballs From The Sky Last Night as we are all still alive.

Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating - YouTube

Thank you for the timely warning Darrel,

I like Alex Jones, despite some people saying he is the official and well paid town crier for 'Los Alumbrados" (the Illuminati Luciferians). The Elders of those dear people promised us over a hundred years ago in their Zion Protocols that they would be shouting their brilliant two and a half century conspiracy for a One-World Order Tyranny from the roof tops, when the time comes....

They don't shout this out of arrogance but because it is the only condition (law of the Council of Worlds of our universe) they have to fulfill, in order to have their way with us (i.e. they need to inform us before doing something to us). They can't inform us yet through the criminally controlled mainstream media (that would be too blatantly risky for them), so the internet and Youtube needs to fulfill that purpose nice and surreptitiously away from the mass-market.

Good ETs and other highly developed creatures could help Goodness to prevail over Evil in these coming epic happenings on our planet, but they need to be asked in something akin to many heartfelt prayers (a.k.a. "giving the call") by a good percentage of humanity (say 10 percent?).

So let's get to work!


P.S. Don't believe in ETs? Why, even the Pope is preparing to baptize them for when they show up.... (My comment: Certain, not so good aliens, are already among us by treaty with corrupt politicians, check out Phil Schneider and Bill Cooper on Youtube. Both these courageous men were murdered for their disclosures.)

which mentions Harvard Professor Daniel P. Sheehan. BTW Lisa Haven, the writer of the article, is probably another fear mongering Illuminati town cryer, as I gather from some of her recent Youtube videos.

I had the chance to meet this Professor in January 2014. Powerful guy, but after seeing him on Youtube I can no longer fully trust him... He was intrigued about a book I was reading ("The Intent of Creation") at the pool of a vacation resort and introduced himself by saying: "I advise the Pope". At first he asked me what the intent of Creation was, and I told him I hadn't gotten to that part of the book yet, but said that to me the intent of creation is probably the perfection of selfless love and loving.

As far as human creation is concerned, I informed Professor Sheehan that according to Zecharia Sitchin's translation of the Sumerian Clay Tablets (in his book "The Twelfth Planet" and 12 other books) humanity has been created/perfected "in their image" (receiving most of their DNA) by the aliens (a.k.a. Gods) from Nibiru (Planet X), mainly by their scientist Enkidu. Enkidu's senior half-brother Enlil (assumed to be the same as Jehova, Zeus and Jupiter) resented humanity and hoped they would be completely wiped away (depopulation agenda, not only nowadays) by the great Biblical flood, created by the passing of their home planet Nibiru. But Enkidu surreptitiously warned Noah.... and the rest is history......

By the way, Enkidu had an Uncle Allahluh (Allah?), who was the first of their planet to come to Earth (ca. 450,000 BC), in search of gold, which he found and mined in Southern Africa. Allahluh had lost his kingship on Nibiru to his half-brother Anu (the father of Enlil and Enkidu). Fascinating stuff! The ladies Innana, Isis, Ishtar (one and the same?) were also part of the ruling (royal) family of "Gods" from Nibiru, living on Earth for a while. They were all the same entities as the Egyptian, Greek and Roman "Gods".

After recently checking Wikipedia and Prof. Sheehan's website and his talk to Students in California about the JFK assassination I concluded that he is most probably a highly gifted disinformation agent for the Jesuits, which control not only the Vatican but also the Rothschilds' Central Banking Empire and their Zionist organizations, including the CIA. He seems to wear a wig in all the photos and videos on the websites, which he obviously did not wear at the pool .

Wouldn't it be a coincidence if this adviser to the Pope had started reading Sitchin after our conversation and told this new modern Pope Francis that it was time to "get with it and fess up about the aliens"? Maybe that will be the basis of the new One-World-Religion which the agents of the Nibiruans are concocting for us, with indicated headquarters in Jerusalem?

If we're lucky, we could find out one day.......


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pieces coming together while world comes apart

Dr. William Mount: How The IMF Works - Currently Controlled By Red Dragons

William Mount
       How The IMF Works -
     Currently Controlled By Red Dragons
Sun Jun 21, 2015

The following is a film that shows how the IMF works.

Please keep in mind that the Red Dragon Family (Chinese) now control the IMF.

Please keep in mind that the head bankers are not Jewish but they worship Lucifer, they are Demon Possessed "Human Sacrificing Satanists" and do not represent the Jewish Rank and File.

Please Pray - Visualize - that these Satanists are made so sick immediately that they cannot even speak for the rest of their lives.

How The IMF Really Works - YouTube

The IMF is now run by the Red Dragon Family and both the Red Dragon Family and IMF are about to be taken down a huge notch by the Living GOD for not paying on the debts they were asked to pay on. They owe the money but refuse so they will be dealt with by GOD.

This morning, for example, the New Saudi King signed a series of treaties - trade deals really - unifying themselves with Russia ad leaving the US Corporation in the Learch.

New Saudi King Signs 6 Trade Deals With Russia, Forms Russia/Saudi “Petroleum Alliance”

For The SVR:

Before the Untimely Demise of John Kerry - he was told right here what he did to his wife will be done to him by the Living GOD and now he is kept alive with Tubes and Wires - a series of events to attack South Western Russia was planned, and is as follows:

From Cuma weapons will be transported (Mule Train) to Llisu State Reserve, North to Tsakhur and down to Vladikavkas Mosque - a small one, old one made of stone. Lots of hiding places in the building.

Form there to Grozney within a Fortnight and a small attack is planned on a building on a building on an Island form the East Side of the bridge leading to the building - a Planned Prezzie for Putin.

There is a blue dome on top of the Building they plan to shoot at.

It is at Tsentralnyy Park, Kuntury i Otdykha.

Only a couple of shots need to be fired to raise the SVR Cockles.

If you actually worked with me I could more than likely give you more details - Oh Well.

Do a few fly overs and you may be able to stop the weapons transfers.

Also - more weapons moving from Baku up E119 through Quba, Derbent, Izberbash and them moving West for holding for future attacks.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

BREAKING: Explosions rock Afghan parliament in Kabul

BREAKING: Explosions rock Afghan parliament in Kabul
Several explosions rocked the Afghan parliament in Kabul early Monday, officials told NBC News.

Message from Montague Keen - June 21, 2015

Message from Montague Keen - June 21, 2015
The effort to block the awakening of mankind has never been greater. All those who were chosen to have a role in it are going through extremely difficult times. The Cabal is using AIs to interfere with consciousness. They use mind altering techniques that cause confusion and exhaustion, and thereby slow down the awakening. Interestingly, the Irish people seem to be way ahead of others, as they are DEMANDING ANSWERS. The Irish suffered for hundreds of years at the merciless hands of the Vatican. Throughout their suffering, they were told by the priests to "offer it up" as they struggled to stay alive. The Irish HOLOCAUST, instigated by Rome and the Crown, almost succeeded in wiping the Irish from the face of the Earth. Those who survived those terrible days, did so in the hope that, one day, their people would be free to learn who they are.
All the gold that is hoarded in the Vatican would not compensate the Irish people for the CRIMES that were committed against them by the Vatican. The Vatican stole their heritage. They are the Ancient Israelites. Their true history and their ancient language were stolen and used to confuse humanity. The Vatican set up their invented place names in the EAST, to fit their STORY, and to pretend that "it all began in the East"; but it did NOT.
It would benefit everyone, no matter what country they belong to, to learn the TRUTH, as it affects everyone on Earth. It would EXPOSE all the control and the false history, and it would show how one scam after another was used to destroy and control mankind. Look to the great thinkers; Michael Tsarion, Andrew Power, Conor Mac Dari, and many more, who have explored the truth and shared it with you. You were dumbed down through the years of control and lies. Do the research while you still can, before the Cabal removes all such evidence from you. It is your right to know who you are. The Cabal has succeeded in ruthlessly controlling humanity; through banking, religion, and of course, by destroying your health through chemtrails and GM food and vaccinations, etc. It is by your own actions that you will set yourselves FREE. Everything is stacked against you, but DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR LIES. See their scams for what they are.
The Irish people are leading the way. They are waking up and DEMANDING ANSWERS. They demand the TRUTH from Rome. They are uncovering MASS GRAVES WITH HUNDREDS OF BODIES in them. Rome's desire to wipe out the Irish people was what drove Rome to EVIL THAT KNEW NO BOUNDS. Soon, every last vestige of Vatican control will be removed from Ireland, and the people will again embrace the religion of love that flourished in Ireland before Rome began her EVIL rule. The only threat to Rome is that the Irish people will learn the truth of who they are, and their true role in the world. The Irish will lead the way to FREEDOM and peace for all. It will once again be the Island of Saints and Scholars.
The TRUTH is there for all who wish to find it. You owe it to all those whose lives were wiped out in the effort to take control of Ireland. [Veronica says: I grew up in Ireland. I saw the brutality of the Vatican towards the people, especially the innocent. I, too, was brutally RAPED by a PRIEST. I saw the suffering all around me, in Ireland, in those terrible days of Vatican rule.] When all Vatican control is removed and LOVE replaces FEAR; then, and only then, will peace be restored and enjoyed by all. Then all other countries will follow suit and will succeed. The future is in your hands. Will you bow down to your controllers or come together to create a better future for all?
This is the first time in 2000 years that you have an opportunity to stop all wars, create peace, and learn to live together as humanity, with no divisions of race or creed. Do not kill your fellow man. He deserves to live as much as you do. Look into the SOUL-LESS EYES of those who are pushing for World War III and realize that THEY ARE NOT LIKE YOU. They do not have SOULS. They cannot empathize. They just want control at all costs. They demand that you destroy countries for their GAIN. How much longer are you willing to be SLAVES for these tyrants? If you open your eyes, you will see all around you the preparations that are being made to wipe out two thirds of the population of the Earth. It is difficult for us in Spirit to see what is being done, quite openly, in preparation for the destruction of human life on Earth as you know it. Will you come together as the 99% and say, NO, I will not assist you to destroy my world. You are living in serious times, when serious decisions need to be made to ensure that humanity survives. You can make this exercise into the adventure of a lifetime. It is all in your hands. Enjoy the experience.
Because of the PAEDOPHILE SITUATION world-wide, the Cabal has decided to make you believe and accept that PAEDOPHILIA is the NORM amongst most men. I TELL YOU IT MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT THE NORM. THIS IS HOW PROPAGANDA IS USED TO ENFORCE ACCEPTANCE OF SUCH EVIL ACTS.
You know in your soul that it is wrong. This shows you how they will go to any lengths to try to PROTECT themselves. I beg you, DO NOT FALL FOR IT. You are in the END TIMES. Do not allow yourselves to be kept in CAPTIVITY, one moment longer than you have to. Be brave and seize the moment. It is yours for the taking.
My love, again I say to you that you need to rest. You are going through stressful times. Much is being done to block you, and those whose mission it is to help you. The dark deeds of those who impede your friend will be exposed.
Always, your adoring, Monty.
I cannot sign petitions in the United States. My home address is not accepted as I am in the United Kingdom.]
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation