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Total Emergency Alert: Elite Now Evacuating - YouTube

Thank you for the timely warning Darrel,

I like Alex Jones, despite some people saying he is the official and well paid town crier for 'Los Alumbrados" (the Illuminati Luciferians). The Elders of those dear people promised us over a hundred years ago in their Zion Protocols that they would be shouting their brilliant two and a half century conspiracy for a One-World Order Tyranny from the roof tops, when the time comes....

They don't shout this out of arrogance but because it is the only condition (law of the Council of Worlds of our universe) they have to fulfill, in order to have their way with us (i.e. they need to inform us before doing something to us). They can't inform us yet through the criminally controlled mainstream media (that would be too blatantly risky for them), so the internet and Youtube needs to fulfill that purpose nice and surreptitiously away from the mass-market.

Good ETs and other highly developed creatures could help Goodness to prevail over Evil in these coming epic happenings on our planet, but they need to be asked in something akin to many heartfelt prayers (a.k.a. "giving the call") by a good percentage of humanity (say 10 percent?).

So let's get to work!


P.S. Don't believe in ETs? Why, even the Pope is preparing to baptize them for when they show up.... (My comment: Certain, not so good aliens, are already among us by treaty with corrupt politicians, check out Phil Schneider and Bill Cooper on Youtube. Both these courageous men were murdered for their disclosures.)

which mentions Harvard Professor Daniel P. Sheehan. BTW Lisa Haven, the writer of the article, is probably another fear mongering Illuminati town cryer, as I gather from some of her recent Youtube videos.

I had the chance to meet this Professor in January 2014. Powerful guy, but after seeing him on Youtube I can no longer fully trust him... He was intrigued about a book I was reading ("The Intent of Creation") at the pool of a vacation resort and introduced himself by saying: "I advise the Pope". At first he asked me what the intent of Creation was, and I told him I hadn't gotten to that part of the book yet, but said that to me the intent of creation is probably the perfection of selfless love and loving.

As far as human creation is concerned, I informed Professor Sheehan that according to Zecharia Sitchin's translation of the Sumerian Clay Tablets (in his book "The Twelfth Planet" and 12 other books) humanity has been created/perfected "in their image" (receiving most of their DNA) by the aliens (a.k.a. Gods) from Nibiru (Planet X), mainly by their scientist Enkidu. Enkidu's senior half-brother Enlil (assumed to be the same as Jehova, Zeus and Jupiter) resented humanity and hoped they would be completely wiped away (depopulation agenda, not only nowadays) by the great Biblical flood, created by the passing of their home planet Nibiru. But Enkidu surreptitiously warned Noah.... and the rest is history......

By the way, Enkidu had an Uncle Allahluh (Allah?), who was the first of their planet to come to Earth (ca. 450,000 BC), in search of gold, which he found and mined in Southern Africa. Allahluh had lost his kingship on Nibiru to his half-brother Anu (the father of Enlil and Enkidu). Fascinating stuff! The ladies Innana, Isis, Ishtar (one and the same?) were also part of the ruling (royal) family of "Gods" from Nibiru, living on Earth for a while. They were all the same entities as the Egyptian, Greek and Roman "Gods".

After recently checking Wikipedia and Prof. Sheehan's website and his talk to Students in California about the JFK assassination I concluded that he is most probably a highly gifted disinformation agent for the Jesuits, which control not only the Vatican but also the Rothschilds' Central Banking Empire and their Zionist organizations, including the CIA. He seems to wear a wig in all the photos and videos on the websites, which he obviously did not wear at the pool .

Wouldn't it be a coincidence if this adviser to the Pope had started reading Sitchin after our conversation and told this new modern Pope Francis that it was time to "get with it and fess up about the aliens"? Maybe that will be the basis of the new One-World-Religion which the agents of the Nibiruans are concocting for us, with indicated headquarters in Jerusalem?

If we're lucky, we could find out one day.......


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pieces coming together while world comes apart

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