Monday, June 22, 2015

Dr. William Mount: How The IMF Works - Currently Controlled By Red Dragons

William Mount
       How The IMF Works -
     Currently Controlled By Red Dragons
Sun Jun 21, 2015

The following is a film that shows how the IMF works.

Please keep in mind that the Red Dragon Family (Chinese) now control the IMF.

Please keep in mind that the head bankers are not Jewish but they worship Lucifer, they are Demon Possessed "Human Sacrificing Satanists" and do not represent the Jewish Rank and File.

Please Pray - Visualize - that these Satanists are made so sick immediately that they cannot even speak for the rest of their lives.

How The IMF Really Works - YouTube

The IMF is now run by the Red Dragon Family and both the Red Dragon Family and IMF are about to be taken down a huge notch by the Living GOD for not paying on the debts they were asked to pay on. They owe the money but refuse so they will be dealt with by GOD.

This morning, for example, the New Saudi King signed a series of treaties - trade deals really - unifying themselves with Russia ad leaving the US Corporation in the Learch.

New Saudi King Signs 6 Trade Deals With Russia, Forms Russia/Saudi “Petroleum Alliance”

For The SVR:

Before the Untimely Demise of John Kerry - he was told right here what he did to his wife will be done to him by the Living GOD and now he is kept alive with Tubes and Wires - a series of events to attack South Western Russia was planned, and is as follows:

From Cuma weapons will be transported (Mule Train) to Llisu State Reserve, North to Tsakhur and down to Vladikavkas Mosque - a small one, old one made of stone. Lots of hiding places in the building.

Form there to Grozney within a Fortnight and a small attack is planned on a building on a building on an Island form the East Side of the bridge leading to the building - a Planned Prezzie for Putin.

There is a blue dome on top of the Building they plan to shoot at.

It is at Tsentralnyy Park, Kuntury i Otdykha.

Only a couple of shots need to be fired to raise the SVR Cockles.

If you actually worked with me I could more than likely give you more details - Oh Well.

Do a few fly overs and you may be able to stop the weapons transfers.

Also - more weapons moving from Baku up E119 through Quba, Derbent, Izberbash and them moving West for holding for future attacks.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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